• DMV Investigator Working Group

  • The DMV Investigator Working Group will revise the 2017 AAMVA document titled DMV Investigative Unit Resource Guide. The revised document shall update and incorporate relevant portions of the adjunct 2017 AAMVA document titled DMV Investigator Integration Strategies. In addition, relevant portions of the 2015 Best Practice for Deterrence and Detection of Fraud document will also be incorporated.

    For more information, contact Brian Ursino.

    Ricky H. Rich
    Deputy Commissioner
    Georgia Department of Driver Services
    AAMVA Staff Member
    Patrice Aasmo

    Director, Member Services, Regions 1 & 2
    AAMVA Staff Member
    Thomas Foster

    Law Enforcement Program Manager
    Project Manager
    Brian Ursino

    Director, Law Enforcement Programs


    Randy S. Belasic
    Special Agent
    Tennessee Department of Revenue 
    Karen A. Carson
    Chief of Compliance and Investigations
    Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles 
    Peggy Hines
    Michigan Department of State 
    Cristian Machidon
    Sr. Motor Vehicle Investigator
    Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
    Albert Rangel
    Supervisor - Troop Z Criminal Investigations
    Oklahoma Highway Patrol
    Desiree Steele
    Management System Analyst
    Kansas Division of Vehicles