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  • AAMVA Visits Iowa MVD

    Julie Knittle, AAMVA's Director of Member Services for Regions 3 & 4; Mike McCaskill, AAMVA's Director of Identity Management; and Paul Steier, AAMVA's Director of Vehicle Programs, conducted a jurisdiction visit in Iowa from January 12-13, 2022. They first attended a meeting with Melissa Gillett, Chief Administrator of the Iowa Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), and her executive-level staff. Topics included 2022 priorities and challenges, IT modernization, mobile driver licenses (mDLs), customer service initiatives, and other key topics. The second day included a series of sessions, including Julie Knittle’s session on AAMVA, Yeah We Do That! for staff to learn about programs and services AAMVA offers to members. Mike McCaskill hosted a discussion on mDL, REAL ID, and other driver-related topics. Paul Steier then met with headquarters staff to discuss dealer licensing, NMVTIS, electronic titling, fraud, automated vehicles, and other vehicle programs. In total, AAMVA representatives met with approximately 80 people.

    AAMVA Announces Marcy Coleman as Vehicle Program Manager

    Marcy ColemanMarcy Coleman, former Assistant Administrator of the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (RI DMV), joins AAMVA today as our new Vehicle Program Manager. Marcy is a graduate of the Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts and served over 15 years with the RI DMV in multiple capacities. Prior to joining the AAMVA team, Marcy has been an active AAMVA member serving on several committees, including the Automated Vehicle Subcommittee, Law Enforcement Standing Committee, and Suspended Driver and Alternative Reinstatement Working Group. Marcy can now be reached at mcoleman@aamva.org.  

    Survey: AAMVA Contact Center Optimization Working Group Needs Your Input 

    The AAMVA Contact Center Optimization Working Group is in its final stages of data gathering to develop best practices for contact centers. Please complete the Contact Center Working Group – Models survey by February 4 to assist the group with their assessment. For questions, please contact Patrice Aasmo, AAMVA's Director of Member Support for Regions 1 & 2.
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    These Vanity License Plate Requests Were Rejected Last Year in CT (Connecticut)

    A Connecticut resident’s desire to drive a vehicle with a “MOMMYAF” identifier was quashed last year. So was another person’s wish to emblazon their license plate with the letters “FARTYY.” A third who wanted to display the words “YOUSUCK” when they encountered other drivers in traffic saw dashed hopes as well. The three were among nearly 80 vanity license plates the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles rejected from October 2020 to the end of September 2021. Most of the rejected plates contained some sort of profanity, according to data obtained by Hearst Connecticut Media Group. In 2021, the state recorded more than $50,000 in revenue from at least 962 requests for vanity license plates. Some of that money is divvied up between various departments, according to DMV data. Read more at ctinsider.com.

    Digitizing Vehicle Titles Is the Way Forward for States

    Buying and selling a vehicle has always been somewhat complicated. Unlike most goods that consumers purchase, vehicles come with a title — a legal document issued by a state that details the vehicle’s unique identifying information. Many states only offer titles as paper documents, but some offer e-titles, a digital version of these ownership documents, and more states should follow. Read more at govtech.com.

    Beware, Massachusetts RMV Knows Your Inspection Sticker

    Remember the good old days, when you got your inspection sticker and you played a game of cat-and-mouse to see how long your could keep it before getting a new one? When I was a college student and had no money, I had a plan. I thought about how if you just got your inspection sticker one day late you would get a whole month free. Do that 12 times and you get a whole year free. Read more at wbsm.com.

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