• Disability Placard/License Plate Fraud Working Group

  • The Disability Placard/Plate Fraud Working Group has been formed to develop best practices for the issuance of disability placards and plates, the deterrence and detection of fraud in the issuance process, during post-issuance use and the effective enforcement of disability parking violations.

    Meeting Minutes & Progress Reports

    Disability Placard/Plate Fraud Working Group Releases Best Practice

    Persons with Disabilities Placards and License Plates
    Best Practices in Deterring and Detecting Fraud and Misuse (August 2018)

        Full Document | Executive Summary | Video

    For additional information, contact Brian Ursino, 703.350.5103

     Enforcement Representatives

    John Clawson
    Director of Fraud & Security
    Enforcement Division
    Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

    John Harkins
    Senior Investigator
    Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration


    Captain James Russell
    Maryland State Police

    Captain Robert Sawyer
    North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles
    License and Theft Bureau


    DMV Representatives

    Andrew Conway
    Chief, Registration Policy &
    Automation Branch
    California Department
    of Motor Vehicles

    Vicki Hunter
    Georgia Department of Revenue

    Renee Krawiec
    Senior Supervisor
    Wyoming Department of Transportation

    Mary Riseling
    Policy Analyst
    Illinois Office of the Secretary of State
    Department of Programs & Policies


    Anita Wasko
    Bureau of Motor Vehicles

    Pennsylvania Department
    of Transportation

    Lisa Weyer
    South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles

    Medical Representative
    Dr. Donald Alves
    Medical Director and
    Tactical Physician

    Maryland State Police

    Disability Advocate
    Stephen Spinetto

    NHTSA Representative
    Michelle Atwell  
    Highway Safety Specialist, Enforcement & Justice Services
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


    For additional information about this working group, please contact Brian Ursino, Project Manager, 703.350.5103  or Paul Steier, 703.270.8932