• Driver Standing Committee

  • Mission Statement

    The Driver Standing Committee will work across all disciplines to assist member jurisdictions and the other Standing Committees by improving and promoting safety, security and service within driver programs through education, leadership, communication and the development of uniform practices. 


    • Develop and implement uniform practices and standards that will assist jurisdictions with the implementation of driver programs.
    • Identify opportunities to develop and implement education and training programs that will help our member jurisdictions professional development efforts.
    • Communicate clearly and concisely committee activities to the jurisdictional members, associate members and other stakeholders.
    • Provide leadership that facilitates, promotes and communicates driver program best practices and products.
    • Encourage and maintain participation by jurisdictions and form partnerships for the exchange of ideas and information on driver issues.
    • Consider all disciplines in committee activities and ensure active participation in projects by the appropriate disciplines.
    • Advocate for programs that create fair, uniform and effective treatment of the driving public across jurisdictional lines.

    Contact:  Kevin Lewis, Director, Driver Programs


    Driver Standing Committee
    2018 Update
    2018DriverCommitteeUpdate-Screenshot (400w)

    Driver Committee Roster


    Chair and Driver Representative Region 2
    Mimzie Herklotz-Dennis  (2019)
    Senior Manager
    Customer Support
    Texas Department of Public Safety

    Vice Chair and Legal Services Representative
    Legal Services Representative  
    Angelique McClendon (2020)
    General Counsel
    Georgia Department of Driver Services

    Board Advisor  
    Jane Schrank
    South Dakota Department of Public Safety 

    Board Advisor
    Mike Dixon
    Senior Director
    Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles

    Driver Representative Region 1
    Joan Saleh (2020)
    Driver Services Administrator/CDL Coordinator
    District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles

    Driver Representative Region 1
    William Joseph (2020)
    Deputy Director of Motor Vehicles
    New Hampshire Department of Safety

    Driver Representative Region 2
    Kyle Cain
    Deputy Division Director
    Regulatory Compliance Division
    Georgia Department of Driver Services

    Driver Representative Region 2
    Mimzie Herklotz-Dennis (2019)
    Senior Manager
    Customer Support
    Texas Department of Public Safety

    Driver Representative Region 3
    John Hill (2019)
    Manager, Information Support Services (ISS)
    Illinois Office of the Secretary of State 

    Driver Representative Region 3
    Patrick Fernan 
    Director, Field Services
    Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles 

    Driver Representative Region 4

    Elizabeth Woods
    Operations & Policy Analyst 3
    Oregon Department of Transportation


    Driver Representative Region 4
    Coleen Solomon (2020)
    Branch Chief, Driver Licensing Branch
    California Department of Motor Vehicles

    Fraud Representative
    Rachel Mount
    Regional Drivers License Supervisor
    North Dakota Department of Transportation

    ID Management Representative
    Chris Hollister
    Senior Investigator/Supervising Investigator
    New York Department of Motor Vehicles

    Information Technology Representative
    Thomas Harlan
    Senior Information Security Officer
    Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

    Law Enforcement Representative

    Darryl Hill
    Director, Office of Investigative Services
    Michigan Department of State

    Legal Services Representative  
    Angelique McClendon (2020)
    General Counsel
    Georgia Department of Driver Services

    Motor Carrier Services Representative
    Christopher Koermer (2020)
    Transportation Director
    Maryland Public Service Commission

    PACE Representative
    Katy Lloyd
    Lead Communications Consultant
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

    Vehicle Representative
    Palmer Brand
    Senior Operations Manager, Bureau of Titles & Registrations
    Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles



     For more information about the Driver Standing Committee, please contact Kevin Lewis, AAMVA Staff - Project Manager, 703.908.2823

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