• E-Titling Working Group

  • The E-Titlling Working Group was formed in 2010 to develop best practices that would assist jurisdictions with the development of uniform procedures and approaches for an electronic title program. Electronic title programs are being implemented in Virginia, Texas, and Wisconsin, and South Dakota has passed enabling legislation. It is anticipated that most jurisdictions will consider electronic titling as they continue to look for ways to reduce cost and enhance efficiency. To date, states have developed their own unique approach to implementation without standards or best practices available for guidance to follow. The Working Group will serve as the member sounding board/advisory group for e-title proof of concept that will evaluate the processes for a true electronic title process. Stakeholders, barriers and/or solutions will need to be determined prior to implementing an e-title program.

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    To assist jurisdictions implementing E-Titling, the Working Group has produced documentation of the data and processes used in E-titling:

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