• Electronic Verification of Vital Events Records (EVVER)


    The Electronic Verification of Vital Events Records (EVVER) service allows a jurisdiction motor vehicle agency (MVA) to verify information on a birth certificate presented by a driver license applicant. EVVER verifies birth certificate information against vital records provided by the National Association for Public Health Statistics and Information Systems (NAPHSIS). NAPHSIS is an association of public health officials concerned about vital records and health statistics. NAPHSIS makes vital records available to organizations such as the Social Security Administration (SSA).

    EVER also provides an option to support jurisdictions where the MVA is authorized to issue birth certificates. This function allows the MVA to certify the birth certificate information prior to the issuance of the certificate.

    How does EVVER work? After receiving the birth certificate information from the MVA, NAPHSIS routes it to the issuing jurisdiction's vital records agency which matches the birth certificate to their records to verify or certify the data on the birth certificate. The issuing jurisdiction's vital records agency responds back to NAPHSIS which processes the response and routes it to the requesting jurisdiction MVA with the results.

    The Birth Verification pilot has completed. The AAMVA board decided to suspend the operation of EVVER. It may be restarted in the future if more jurisdictions are interested in participating. If a MVA jurisdiction is interested in using the NAPHSIS EVVE system to validate birth certificates of citizens, they can either directly access the EVVE web-based system, or can integrate EVVE queries into their MVA driver’s license issuing system. Depending on the state, EVVE can also be used to assist customers of a MVA jurisdiction who have forgotten their birth certificates, certifying that the individual does have a birth certificate and thus bypassing the need for that document. The POC for EVVE is Anthony Stout, astout@naphsis.org, or see the NAPHSIS website for EVVE at: http://www.naphsis.org/about-evve

    If you are interested in participating in the EVVER program, or would like more information, please contact the AAMVA Help Desk.

    If you are interested in participating in the EVVER program, or would like more information, please contact the AAMVA Help Desk.

    EVVER Participant Map

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