• External Fraud Working Group

  • Scope and Authority

    The Working Group shall review the methods utilized by driver license and motor vehicle agency customers, partners, and service providers to perpetrate fraud. It will review the current literature on the subject and develop a best practices document related to deterring and detecting fraudulent activities.


    At the request of the membership, AAMVA formed an Internal Fraud Working Group in early 2009 to develop a Best Practices guide for internal fraud deterrence and detection. The Internal Fraud Detection and Deterrence Best Practices Guide was released in October of 2010. The AAMVA community expressed tremendous interest and support for the efforts of the group and the final document. The next desirable and logical step is to develop a Best Practices Guide that addresses external fraud. These documents will provide motor vehicle agencies with a comprehensive tool to combat all types of fraud that may be perpetrated against the agency.

    External fraud in the DMV arena can come from a wide variety of sources including: commercial and non-commercial truck driver training schools, county or municipal entities, car, boat or ATV dealers, third party licensing/tag agents. Brokers, insurance agencies, banks, financial institutions, notaries, armored car companies, medical professionals, the public, customers, record sales providers, junk and salvage yards, dismantlers, rebuilders, auto auctions, emissions/safety inspection providers, and other government agencies.

    The documents issued by a motor vehicle agency – driver licenses, ID cards, titles, registrations, etc. – have tremendous value to those who seek to make a profit or commit crime. The desire to perpetuate fraud and thievery by both internal and external forces is the reality under which motor vehicle agencies exist today. They have a vested interest and a substantial desire to thwart fraud and best practices guides can provide a roadmap on how to do so.

    For more information on the External Fraud Working Group, please contact Sheila Prior, 480-275-4584.

    As of April 6, 2012


    Owen McShane
    Director of Investigations
    New York Department of Motor Vehicles
    6 Empire State Plaza
    Albany, NY  12228
     (518) 474-8805


    Sheila Prior
    Director, Membership Support, Regions III & IV
    10800 North 101st Street
    Scottsdale, AZ  84260

    Chrissy Nizer
    Deputy Director
    Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
    6601 Ritchie Highway, N.E.
    Room 102 Glen Burnie, MD  21062
     (410) 787-7830
    Tiffany Roadcap
    Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
    1101 S. Front Street
    Harrisburg, PA  17104
    (717) 783-1945
    Brenda Mays
    Director, Identity Verification Unit
    Oklahoma Highway Patrol
    3600 North Martin Luther King Avenue
    Oklahoma City, OK  7313
    (405) 425-2402
    Major Paul Steier
    Commander, Investigations Unit
    Iowa Motor Vehicle Division
    6310 SE Convenience Boulevard
    Ankeny, IA  50021
    (515) 237-3260
    Dean Reynoldson
    Chief Investigator, Criminal Investigation Unit
    Kansas Department of Revenue
    915 S.W. Harrison, Room 1130
    Topeka, KS  66612-1588
    (785) 296-3026
    Frank Alvarez
    Deputy Chief, Investigations
    California Department of Motor Vehicles
    Investigation Division
    6425 Sycamore Canyon Boulevard
    Riverside, CA  92507
    (951) 653-5324

    Allen Duren
    Program Manager
    Oregon Driver & Vehicle Services
    1905 Lana Avenue, NE
    Salem, OR 97314
    (503) 945-8916



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