• Facial Recognition Working Group

  • The Facial Recognition Working Group  shall review the Facial Recognition Program Best Practices Guide published by AAMVA in 2015 and update the content to reflect the most current best practice methods that should be utilized by driver license, motor vehicle and criminal justice agencies to capture, review, and share facial images; and when appropriate, investigate potential matches and pursue prosecution when fraudulent activity is discovered. 

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    For more information, contact Brian Ursino, 703.350.5103

    Owen McShane
    Director of Field Investigations
    New York Department of Motor Vehicles
    Division of Field Investigation

    Charlotte Boyd-Malette
    Director, Driver Services
    North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles

    Faith Contreras
    FR Program Administrator
    Arizona Department of Transportation

    Jennifer Coulson
    Digital Image Examiner
    Michigan State Police
    Biometrics and Identification Division

    Ali Danhoff
    Program Director, Credential Management
    Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

    Eric Ducey
    Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

    Susan Schilz
    Compliance, Audit, and Fraud Unit Supervisor
    Wisconsin Department of Transportation

    Technical Advisors 
    Manuj Gupta
    Cyber Security Specialist Manager
    Deloitte & Touche
    Cyber Risk Services

    Kevin O'Leary
    Senior Product Manager


    Patrick Grother
    National Institute of Standards and Technology 

    Federal Government Representative  

    Douglas Hill
    Bureau of Consular Affairs
    U.S. Department of State


    AAMVA Staff - Project Manager - Brian Ursino, Director, Law Enforcement Programs      AAMVA Staff - Geoff Slagle, Director, Identity Management and Paul Steier, Manager, Law Enforcement Programs