• Deterrence and Detection of Fraud Working Group

  • The issuance of driver’s licenses, identification cards, vehicle registrations and titles, as well as other Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) products and services provide significant value to society.  These identification documents and other DMV services are also at risk to exploitation by people with criminal intentions. As fraud continues to evolve, it is important for members to keep up to date with fraud trends. The purpose of this working group is to update the 2015 Best Practices for the Deterrence and Detection of Fraud with a goal of delivering a revised best practice by December 2021. This working group operates under the auspices of the AAMVA Law Enforcement Standing Committee.


    Rebekah Hibbs, Senior Manager
    Driver License Division
    Texas Department of Public Safety

    Jurisdiction Members
    Todd Ballinger, Chief
    Investigations Section
    Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    Darlea Johnson, Research/Data Assistant
    Motor Vehicle Bureau
    Missouri Department of Revenue
    Kevin Brogdon, Special Agent
    Anti-Theft Special Investigations
    Tennessee Department of Revenue
    Nathan Lipinski, Detective Supervisor
    Office of Inspector General
    Arizona Department of Transportation
    Catherine Brooks, Director
    Central Issuance Print Farm
    Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    Lydia McCauley, Senior Fraud Intelligence Advisor
    Driver Licensing Integrity and Oversight
    Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
    Ali Danhoff, Director
    Central Issuance Print Farm
    Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    Mike Mehlhaff, Revenue Agent
    Division of Motor Vehicles
    South Dakota Department of Revenue
    Chris Hollister, Sr. Investigator
    Division of Field Investigations
    New York Department of Motor Vehicles 
    Jason Nusbaum, Investigator
    Bureau of Investigation & Identity Protection
    Iowa Department of Transportation 
    Ricky Rich, Deputy Commissioner
    Commissioners Office
    Georgia Department of Driver Services

    Technical Advisors
    Les Cravens, Director of Law Enforcement and Policy
    Auto Data Direct

    Rusty Russell, Director of Operations, Vehicle Programs
    National Insurance Crime Bureau
    Steven Sebestyen, Principal
    Apex Consulting
    AAMVA Staff
    Patrice Aasmo, Director
    Member Support, Regions 1 & 2 
    Brian Ursino, Director
    Law Enforcement Programs