• Fraud Prevention and Detection Award - NMVTIS Enforcement

  • Category: Security 

    The Fraud Prevention and Detection Award – NMVTIS Enforcement Award is an individual award that recognizes a law enforcement officer or DMV investigator who has demonstrated excellence in completing an investigation related to NMVTIS violations and/or in the use of NMVTIS LEAT as a tool to further an investigation of motor vehicle related crimes. This is an international award with a single winner that will be presented at the Annual International Conference.  

    Selection Criteria

    • Demonstrated diligence in conducting an NMVTIS investigation by compiling facts and evidence that support successful prosecution.  
    • Exemplary use of NMVTIS LEAT at a high level with measurable results.
    • Going above and beyond to share knowledge, resources, and information related to an NMVTIS investigation or use of NMVTIS LEAT in gathering pertinent information that enhances an investigation.        


    AAMVA’s Awards Program is open to all AAMVA jurisdiction members that are in good standing. Entries submitted for the 2021 Awards must have been conducted (produced, implemented, and/or developed) between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020. If an entry won an award in 2020, it cannot be resubmitted for 2021 unless it has major upgrades or developments.

    For specific questions regarding awards and submissions, please contact awards@aamva.org.

    2021  Fraud Prevention and Detection Award – NMVTIS Enforcement Award Winner

    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles | Crystal Caldwell, Assistant Special Agent in Charge

    Download a complete list of the 2021 award winners.