• Fuel Tax Fraud Working Group

  • Fuel tax funds are generally deposited into state, federal, and/or provincial highway accounts. Dyed fuel is not subject to taxation and when used fraudulently, results in millions of dollars in revenue loss. The purpose of this working group is to create a best practice document that will provide information and resources to develop or enhance a comprehensive Fuel Tax Fraud program to detect and deter this type of fraud. The working group may expand the project scope if deemed appropriate with the goal of delivering a completed best practices document by the end of December 2021. This working group will operate under the auspices of the AAMVA Law Enforcement Standing Committee. 

    For more information on the working group, please contact:

    Paul Steier
    Manager, Law Enforcement Programs, and
    Working Group Staff Project Manager. 

    Leonard McLaughlin
    Washington State Patrol
    Fuel Tax Fraud Unit


    Brad Berg
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
    Law Enforcement Division, Field Operations 
    Jeremy Neeck
    Revenue Tax Specialist Principal
    Minnesota Department of Revenue
    Petroleum Tax Unit 
    Wesley Marks
    Program Manager
    State of Washington Department of Licensing
    Prorate and Fuel Tax Services
    Paul Pender
    Revenue Regulatory Supervisor
    Tennessee Department of Revenue
    Special Investigations 
    David Mease
    Special Agent
    Missouri Department of Revenue
    Compliance and Investigation Bureau 
    Captain Mike Poole
    Montana Department of Transportation
    Motor Carrier Services 
    Enforcement Bureau

    AAMVA Staff 


    Project Manager
    Paul Steier 
    Manager, Law Enforcement Programs

    Julie Knittle
    Director, Member Support, Regions 3 & 4

    Brian Ursino
    Director, Law Enforcement Programs 


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