• Ignition Interlock Working Group

  • The Ignition Interlock Working Group purpose is to:

    • Review available Blood Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) scientific/evidence based research;
    • Review various BAIID programs administered by motor vehicle administrations and state police/highway patrol agencies;
    • Extract and compile best and most promising practices focusing on areas of ignition interlock administration based upon scientific evidence based research, practices from various ignition interlock programs administered by motor vehicle administrations and state police that fall within the purview of our members;
    • Conduct a gap analysis comparing AAMVA’s and the Association of Ignition Interlock Program Administrators (AIIPA) recommendations to identify and develop model program aspects outside the mission scope of AIIPA; and
    • Review AIIPA program recommendations for potential inclusion in an AAMVA published national model program document.

    Download the full Ignition Interlock Working Group Charter.

    For more information, contact Brian Ursino, (703) 350-5103 or Tom Manuel, (703) 908-8283.

    Region I Representative
    Deondra  L.  Jones   
    Division Manager, Driver Wellness & Safety
    Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

    Region II Representative
    Millicent N.  Ford   
    Director, Driver Services
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

    Region II Representative
    Deborah Jones 
    Administrative Hearings Assistant Director
    North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles

    Region III Representative
    Kathy McLear   
    Public Service Executive 3
    Iowa Department of Transportation

    Region IV Representative
    Jacquelyn Gentner 
    Assistant Division Director of the
    Division Operational Support Services
    Arizona Department of Transportation

    At-Large Member
    Angela Coleman   
    Executive Director
    Commission on Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program

    Law Enforcement Representative
    Ken Denton   
    Ignition Interlock Program Manager

    Law Enforcement Representative
    Steven M.  Watkins  
    Director of License and Theft Bureau
    North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles

    NDAA Representative
    Duane Kokesch   
    Senior Attorney
    National Traffic Law Center at the
    National District Attorneys Association

    Judge Representative
    Judge Harvey Hoffman   
    Eaton County District Court

    CCMTA Representative
    Kelley Merilees-Keppel   
    Director, Driver Programs and Licensing Standards
    Province of Alberta


    Technical Advisor/At-Large Member
    Charles O'Donnell   
    Applus+ Technologies, Inc.

    Technical Advisor/AIIPA
    Thomas Liberatore   
    Director, Driver Programs
    Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration


    Technical Advisor/IAB Representative
    G. Barton Blackstock   
    Executive Vice President
    Insure-Rite, Inc.

    Technical Advisor/Ignition Interlock Coalition
    David Kelly   
    Executive Director, CIIM
    Coalition of Ignition Interlock Manufacturers


    Technical Advisor/Associate Member Representative
    Denise Connerty   
    Director, Compliance Monitoring
    Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp



    For more information about the Ignition Interlock Working Group, please contact Brian Ursino, Project Manager, 703.350.5103, or Thomas Manuel, 703.908.8283