• Imported Vehicles Working Group

  • The Working Group’s purpose is to provide guidance to jurisdictions who are implementing title and registration policies on vehicles that have been imported and are being presented for title or registration.  The Working Group will develop guidance that includes information on federal laws for importing vehicles, the federal importation process, and the jurisdiction responsibilities when titling and registering imported vehicles.  

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    For more information, please contact Casey Garber, Project Manager

    Alacia Moore
    Program Specialist
    Vehicle Services Administration
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

    Vice Chair
    Megan Bergum
    Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles

    Rod Smith
    Data Systems Manager
    Illinois Office of the Secretary of State  
    Darlea Johnson
    Administrative Analyst I
    Missouri Department of Revenue

    Katie Bower
    Division Director
    Michigan Department of State

    Joshua Kline
    Internal Communications Manager
    Pennsylvania Driver and Vehicle Services

    Don Burbank
    NMVTIS Support Team
    Washington Department of Licensing

    Tracey Poole
    NH DMV NMVTIS Helpdesk
    New Hampshire Department of Safety

    Captain Lester Elder
    Director of the Motor Vehicle Inspection Division
    Missouri State Highway Patrol

    Barry Takeuchi
    Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles

    Technical Advisor
    Brian Chodrow
    Acting Chief, Import & Certification Division
    U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


    For more information, contact Casey Garber