• Internet Vehicle Sales Working Group

  • The Internet Vehicle Sales Working Group is tasked with developing best practices for the regulation of internet vehicle sales, in an effort to provide recommendations and education to member jurisdictions for deterring and stopping fraud and deceptive practices. Internet sales offer the ability for licensed motor vehicle dealers to expand their businesses and save money previously spent on advertising.  Although it may ease the process and expand the search locations for potential buyers and sellers, the internet can also be a conduit for fraudulent activity. The lack of a standard results in each jurisdiction either having a different set of laws and rules for regulating internet vehicle sales; or no authority for regulation.

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    For more information, please contact Cathie Curtis, Project Manager. 

    Jennifer Berry
    Assistant Chief Counsel
    Legal Affairs Division

    California Department of Motor Vehicles

    Vice Chair
    Detective David Silk
    Office of Investigations

    Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles


    Michael Athey
    Deputy Director
    Bureau of Investigations
    & Identity Protection

    Iowa Department of Transportation

    Teri Baltisberger
    DMV Services Manager III
    Management Services and Programs Division

    Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

    William Childress
    Executive Director

    Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Board

    Monica Weischedel
    Deputy Director
    Motor Vehicle Division
    South Dakota Department of Revenue
    Larry Purdy
    Chief of Investigations
    Business Regulations and
    Fraud Prevention Section
    Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services

    Ted E. Smith
    Deputy General Counsel
    Legal Services Bureau
    Kansas Department of Revenue

    James Walker
    Business and Government Operations
    New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

    Corrie Thompson
    Director of Enforcement
    Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
    Paula Shaw
    Executive Director
    Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission
    Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance

    For more information, contact Cathie Curtis, Project Manager, 207.395.4100