• Law Enforcement Standing Committee

  • 2021-LawEnforcement-450Mission

    The Law Enforcement Standing Committee inspires collaboration between Law Enforcement and Driver/Motor Vehicle Administrators to improve highway and public safety.


    Increase law enforcement participation in AAMVA conferences, working groups, and other initiatives.

    • Provide and promote uniformity and consistency through the development of standards, model programs and best practices.
    • Promote the exchange of challenges and successes in implementing technologies, sharing information, and with other contemporary law enforcement issues. 

    For more information, contact  Brian Ursino.


    Law Enforcement Committee Roster

     (Updated December 2020)


    Law Enforcement Representative, Region 2
    Keith Jeffers (2nd Term/2021) 
    Special Agent In Charge
    Tennessee Department of Revenue

    Vice Chair
    Law Enforcement Representative, Region 3
    Lt. Col. Marla Gaskill (1st Term/2021)
    Assistant Superintendent
    Ohio State Highway Patrol

    Board Advisor
    Chief John R.  Batiste 
    Washington State Patrol

    Board Advisor
    Walter R. "Bud" Craddock 
    Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

    Law Enforcement Representative Region 1
    Major Matthew Cox (1st Term/2022) 
    Delaware State Police

    Law Enforcement Representative Region 1
    Detective Jason A. Nein (1st Term/2021) 
    Division of Enforcement, Anti-Theft and Regulations
    Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles

    Law Enforcement Representative Region 2
    Kevin Brogdon (1st Term/2022)
    Special Agent
    Tennessee Department of Revenue

    Law Enforcement Representative Region 3
    Captain Richard Arnold (1st Term/2022)
    Commander, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division
    Michigan State Police

    Law Enforcement Representative Region 4
    Chief Kevin Davis (1st Term/2022)
    California Highway Patrol

    Law Enforcement Representative Region 4
    Assistant Chief Scott McCoy (1st Term/2022)
    Washington State Patrol

    RCMP Representative
    Inspector Steve Burke (2nd Term/2021)
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    Driver Representative
    April Sanborn (2nd Term/2021) 
    DMV Service Manager
    Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

    Fraud Representative
    Ricky H.  Rich (1st Term/2022) 
    Deputy Commissioner
    Georgia Department of Driver Services

    Information Technology Representative
    Vicki H. Pope (2nd Term/2021) 
    Director of Programs Management Office
    North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles

    ID Management Representative
    Amelia Flores (1st Term/2022) 
    Regional Manager, Driver License Division
    Texas Department of Public Safety

    Legal Services Representative
    Jordan Bolden (1st Term/2022)
    Chief Administrative Officer
    Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

    Motor Carrier Representative
    Captain Leonard Dittman (1st Term/2022)
    Colorado State Patrol
    PACE Representative
    Katy Lloyd (1st Term/2022)
    Lead Communications Consultant
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
    Vehicle Representative
    Edward D. Broyles (2nd Term/2021)
    Chief Motorist Services Support
    Florida Division of Motor Vehicles
    AAMVA Staff - Project Managers
    Brian A. Ursino

    Director, Law Enforcement Programs

    Paul J. Steier
    Manager, Law Enforcement Programs

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