• License Plate Reader Working Group

  • The License Plate Reader (LPR) Working Group will revise the 2012 AAMVA document titled Improving Automated License Plate Reader Effectiveness through Uniform License Plate Design and Manufacture. The revised document will be retitled to a name deemed appropriate by the Working Group and take the form of an informational document presenting up-to-date information on License Plate Readers (LPRs) relevant to the AAMVA community.

    IACP Representative
    Ryan Daugirda

    Project Manager
    International Association of Chiefs of Police

    Technical Advisor
    Dennis Bernardo D'Annunzio
    Firmware and Embedded Computer Engineer

    Technical Advisor
    Jeff Hielsberg
    Regional Sales Director

    Technical Advisory
    Mark Muriello
    Director, Policy & Government Affairs
    International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association
    Technical Advisor
    Kyle Hoertsch
    VP of Public Safety Client Relations
    Motorola Solutions, Inc.

    Technical Advisor
    Steven Vaughn
    VP of Field Operations
    PrePass Safety Alliance
    Project Manager
    Brian A. Ursino
    Director, Law Enforcement Programs

    Matthew Beaudin
    Colorado State Patrol
    Robert P. Alessi
    First Sergeant
    Virginia State Police
    Chris LaPrairie
    Nevada Highway Patrol Division
    Betty Johnson
    Driver and Vehicle Records Division
    Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
    Allan Lee Shinney
    Utah Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division
    Joseph L. Moody
    License and Theft Bureau
    North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles
    Joshua Swindell
    Head of Field Operations
    Ohio State Highway Patrol
    Rosa Yaeger

    Director, Motor Vehicle Division
    South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles 

    Jonathan Zarkauskas
    Virginia State Police