• License Plate Standard Working Group

  • The License Plate Standard Working Group will review the License Plate Standard published by AAMVA in 2016 and update the content to reflect the most current best practice methods that should be utilized by motor vehicle agencies in the design and manufacture of license plates. The Working Group will consider expanding the scope of the current Standard to include digital/electronic license plates; temporary (paper) license plates; and specialty/vanity plate approval processes. 

    View the Working Group's Charter for more information, or contact Brian Ursino, Director, Law Enforcement Programs.

    Co-Chair and
    Law Enforcement Representative

    Assistant Chief Christopher Childs
    California Highway Patrol

    Co-Chair and
    Motor Vehicle Administration Representative

    Charles Hollis
    Assistant Administrator
    Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

    Motor Vehicle Administration Representatives 
    Nikki Bachelder

    Clerk IV, Registration Section Office Supervisor
    Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles

    Brandy Bray
    Manager, Issuer & Customer Support Services
    Saskatchewan Government Insurance

    Lisa Green
    Bureau Director
    Mississippi Department of Revenue

    Jessica McEwen
    Director of Registrations
    Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

    Hermenia Perkins-Brown
    Plate Officer
    South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

    LeeAnn Phelps
    Public Service Executive I
    Kansas Division of Vehicles

    Cindy Zuerblis
    Division Manager/PERU
    Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

    Law Enforcement Representatives 

    Captain Thomas Foster
    Washington State Patrol

    Captain Craig Phillips
    Kansas Highway Patrol

    IACP Representative 

    Ryan Daugirda
    Project Manager
    International Association of Chiefs of Police

    Technical Advisors  

    Neville Boston
    Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

    Lynn Conaway
    Vice President, Sales & Marketing
    John R. Wald Company, Inc.

    Jeff Hielsberg
    Regional Sales Director
    Intellectual Technology, Inc.

    Nate Maloney
    Vice President of Marketing & Communications

    Dave Pointon
    Government & Industry Manager
    3M Company

    Dan Pullium
    Senior Government Affairs Manager

    Lauren Dolan
    Marketing Manager
    Waldale Irwin Hodson Group