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  • AAMVA represents state and provincial officials in the United States and Canada who administer and enforce motor vehicle laws (see AAMVA Regions & Jurisdictions Map). The association also serves as a liaison with other levels of government and the private sector.  AAMVA Regions Map - learn more about AAMVA regions

    AAMVA aims to improve motor vehicle administration, traffic safety, and law enforcement throughout North America by:

    • Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas
    • Collecting and exchanging motor vehicle and driver-related information
    • Promoting uniformity among member jurisdictions
    • Developing and maintaining services that facilitate the business of the jurisdictions
    • Working collaboratively with the motor vehicle community
    • Advocating the interests of motor vehicle, highway safety, and law enforcement organizations

    Our Members

    AAMVA has four regions incorporated under its umbrella (see AAMVA Regions & Jurisdictions Map).             

    Visit the Associate Membership page of AAMVA's Web site to learn more about member benefits, how to become an associate member, and a list of AAMVA's current associate members.

    2021MediaPlanner-coverPrint & Digital

    AAMVA has leveraged the power of technology to deliver content to more people.

    Expand your client base and gain ongoing exposure through marketing in AAMVA's print and digital mediums:

    • MOVE Magazine & MoveMag.org - AAMVA's award-winning quarterly magazine and accompanying Web site keeps readers informed of industry news and technological developments throughout the motor vehicle and law enforcement community.    
    • The Week in Review & TWIRcast - AAMVA's weekly e-newsletter highlights announcements and breaking news in the motor vehicle and law enforcement community
    • Regional News: Readers are "in the know" with this weekly AAMVA e-newsletter highlighting the week's most relevant motor vehicle and law enforcement news stories from around the AAMVA regions.

    Check out the 2021 AAMVA Media Planner to learn more.

    AAMVA Events/Conferences

    AAMVA holds several meetings each year that bring together key decision makers from motor vehicle and law enforcement agencies across the continent. AAMVA’s Annual International Conference, traditionally held in the late summer, convenes chief administrators and key personnel to discuss major issues affecting motor vehicle administration and law enforcement, and to formulate tentative solutions. In addition, AAMVA’s four regions annually sponsor a regional conference, held in the summer and fall. AAMVA’s Workshop & Law Institute, held in the spring, is a  hands-on learning experience for administrators and managers. 

    Sponsor Opportunities

    Sponsoring an item or event provides an opportunity to brand and support your image as a market leader within the motor vehicle and law enforcement community, and to develop onsite relationships with administrators and managers in member jurisdictions. Acknowledgment traditionally includes signage, Web exposure, print recognition, complimentary registrations, QuickConnect meetings (provided thresholds are met), and more. Show the AAMVA community that you support them by sponsoring an item or event. 

    Exhibit Opportunities  

    The Exhibit Hall is the perfect place to showcase products and services in a face-to-face environment in order to foster existing relationships and forge new ones. Imagine a single meeting, with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with administrators and managers from the U.S. and Canada. 


    Contact Robert Stershic

    tel: 703-908-2825
    e-mail:  rstershic@aamva.org

    Marketing With AAMVA Makes SenseTargetMarketImage

    AAMVA makes it easy for you to reach your target audience by offering numerous marketing opportunities throughout the year to help you generate sales leads. Here's why marketing with AAMVA makes good sense:

    1. AAMVA is the voice and trusted leader of the motor vehicle and law enforcement community. AAMVA members know they can look to us for solutions to their business challenges.
    2. AAMVA represents a captive audience. If you have a product or service geared toward the motor vehicle and law enforcement community, we can help you reach a focused group that will want to learn more.   
    3. AAMVA offers a variety of opportunities for you to network with our members throughout the year. From exhibiting at a conference, sponsoring an event, or participating in the popular attendee-industry events, we can put you in direct contact with decision makers. 
    4. AAMVA can help you build your brand. AAMVA offers numerous opportunities to get your company’s name out in front of members throughout the year. The more our members see and use your products and services, the more they talk about them. The more they talk about them to others, the more business you will receive.   
    5. AAMVA can save you money. By taking advantage of our advertising packages, you can save thousands of dollars in marketing costs. Let us help you design the marketing package best suited to your needs.

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