• Motor Carrier Working Group

  • For Motor Vehicle Administrators and Law Enforcement leaders, the motor carrier arena contains a range of responsibilities that may include licensing commercial drivers and vehicles, collecting registration fees and taxes, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of people and freight through appropriate regulation (including cross-border movement), MVR data access for roadside enforcement, industry safety, commercial vehicle safety inspection, and new motor carrier sectors like Transportation Network operators. 

    The Motor Carrier Working Group will identify potential opportunities for AAMVA to expand its services and support to members who work on motor carrier related issues.  The Working Group’s first report will be on topics that warrant the AAMVA community’s focus and which complement the work carried out by organizations like IRP, CVSA, CCMTA as well as other stakeholders. Download the Motor Carrier Working Group charter.

    Working Group Information and Resources

    For additional information, please contact Cathie Curtis, (207) 395-4100

    Robert Rowland
    CDL / Motor Carrier Coordinator
    Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
    Board Advisor
    Robert Ide  
    Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

    Wayne Davis  
    Deputy Director, Motor Carrier Size and Weight Services
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

    William Harbeson  
    Director, Enforcement Division
    Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

    Peter Hurst  
    Director, Carrier Safety & Enforcement Branch
    Ontario Ministry of Transportation

    Christopher Kiyoshi  
    Driver Services Unit Supervisor
    Idaho Transportation Department

    Dawn Lietz  
    DMV - Deputy Administrator, Motor Carrier Division
    Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

    Inspector Patrick Morris
    Michigan State Police

    Duane Williams  
    Motor Carrier Services Administrator
    Montana Department of Transportation

    For more information about the Motor Carrier Working Group, please contact Cathie Curtis, Project Manager, 207.395.4100

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