• NMVTIS Direct Reporting Service for Junk and Salvage

  • NMVTIS Single VIN Reporting Service for Junk/Salvage and Insurance (Total Loss) Vehicles 

    Any business or individual handling five or more junk, salvage or insurance (total loss) vehicles annually, must submit the required monthly reports to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) through a third party reporting service.  Reporting can be as frequent as desired, but not less frequent than monthly. The Department of Justice (DOJ) encourages submission of information to NMVTIS as soon as possible to prevent fraud and theft and to protect consumers.

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    You will need a web browser. 
    The Single VIN Reporting Service (SVRS) requires
    Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10.0 - 11.0.
    The service also supports Firefox and Google Chrome.

    NOTE: If you have problems registering/logging in,
    please contact  helpdesk@aamva.org.

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     NMVTIS Tutorial - How to Register
    How to Register

    NMVTIS Tutorial - How to Report or Change a Report

    How to Report or Change a Report

     If you have questions regarding the reporting requirements, please  e-mail the Bureau of Justice Assistance at nmvtis@usdoj.gov and include “Reporting Requirement Question” in the subject line of the message.

    Check the reporting status for auto recyclers, junk and salvage and insurance carriers.

    Have questions? Please refer to the FAQs.


    Need technical assistance with the NMVTIS application? Click here.

    What services are offered?

    • Users will be able to submit the single VIN record information that is required under the NMVTIS Regulation directly to NMVTIS, at no charge

    Who can use this service?

    • This service is offered to any entity that is required to report vehicles that are junk/salvage or total loss according to the requirements.

    Customer Service Support:

    • Questions will be handled via email support, with responses within 48 hours
    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    • On screen tutorial

    Terms and Conditions of Use

    To access the service click here.