• NMVTIS State Junk, Salvage & Reporting Task Force

  • NMVTIS Regulations require that any businesses that handles five or more vehicles annually that are deemed junk, salvage, or in the case of insurance companies, “total loss” are required to report information about those vehicles to NMVTIS. The following data must be reported:

    1.  VIN
    2.  Name and address of the business that reported the VIN
    3.  NMVTIS Reporting ID number of the business that reported the VIN
    4.  Date the vehicle was obtained by the business
    5.  The disposition of vehicle – sold, scrap, or unknown/TBD
    6.  Whether vehicle is intended for export Y/N

    The NMVTIS State JSI Reporting Task Force is responsible for exploring/analyzing options available for states to report junk and salvage data to NMVTIS on behalf of businesses in their state that are required to report to vehicle information to NMVTIS. The Task Force is also responsible for providing a recommended approach for reporting JSI data is that is the most effective and efficient for states, as well as NMVTIS to the AAMVA Board of Directors by the Spring 2017 meeting. Download the NVMTIS State JSI Task Force description.

    For more information, please contact Vivienne Cameron.

    Douglas Hooper
    Planning and Policy Department Specialist
    Georgia Department of Revenue

    Timothy Hotaling
    New York Department of Motor Vehicles

    Betty Johnson
    Driver and Vehicle Records Administrator
    Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

    Thomas Penny
    Director of Field Operations VA DMV
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

    James Starling
    Alabama Motor Vehicle Division

    Paul Steier
    Director, Bureau of Investigation & Identity Protection
    Iowa Department of Transportation


    For more information on the NMVTIS State JSI Reporting Task Force, please contact Vivienne Cameron, Project  Manager, 703.908.8261.

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