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    R U Due? North Carolina's Personal Property Tax On Cars Is Legal

    Many people in North Carolina always complain about having to pay personal property taxes on their vehicles. But is it unconstitutional? Every year, drivers in North Carolina have to renew their car registration, and every year, many people complain about having to pay personal property taxes on their vehicles. No one likes to pay more to have their registration renewed, but is this tax legal? A WCNC Charlotte viewer contacted the VERIFY team claiming the state's personal property tax on vehicles is unconstitutional. "I would like to know how the state charges you for personal property tax on your vehicle every year. It is unconstitutional. Read more at wcnc.com.

    New ‘Move Right’ Law Makes It Illegal to Pass Cars Using the Right Lane on Highways (South Carolina)

    Highways and interstates make for fast and efficient ways of traveling in a car. However, those same highways and interstates can be some of the most dangerous stretches of the roadway for car safety due to high speeds and inattentive drivers. As a society, we are constantly learning ways to make it safer for drivers to travel at high speeds, including laws that forbid certain maneuvers in high-speed situations. Let’s look at some of the dangers of driving on highways and how to mitigate the risks, such as the new Move Right law. Read more at motorbiscuit.com.

    DOT Wants Meeting with State DMV Head to Get Killer Drivers Off the Road (New York)

    It’s a major problem. A large majority of drivers who have killed pedestrians this year are what city officials call “major violators” — egregious offenders whom state and city officials have repeatedly failed to get off the road — and now Department of Transportation Commissioner Hank Gutman is demanding a sit-down with his state Department of Motor Vehicles counterpart to “devise new, innovative strategies to address the problem of reckless drivers.” In a bombshell letter sent to DMV Commissioner Mark Schroeder on Oct. 21, Gutman all but admitted that the city and state’s current approach to road safety is failing in a year with at least 220 road deaths so far this year — the highest death toll at this point in the year since de Blasio took office and unveiled Vision Zero. Read more at nyc.streetsblog.org.

    NCDMV Closes License Plate Agency Over ‘Possible Violations of State Law’ (North Carolina)

    The NCDMV has closed a license plate agency in Greene County over possible violations of state law. The agency in Hookerton, which is located between Greenville and Kinston, was closed following an investigation by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles License and Theft Bureau. NCDMV said the investigation warranted closure of the office and cancellation of its contract.  “DMV representatives will perform a final inventory audit of the agency and remove equipment and supplies belonging to the state,” NCDMV said in a release. Read more at cbs17.com.

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