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    IKEA Designs Future Autonomous Cars That Work As Hotels, Stores, And Meeting Rooms

    Once cars can finally drive themselves, we'll have more time to enjoy the journey and do other, much more interesting stuff instead. At least that's the concept behind some of the designs below, developed by retail giant IKEA's "future living lab," SPACE10, based in Copenhagen. The design studio/research lab came up with designs for autonomous vehicles that would be extensions of our homes, offices, and local institutions. Some of its seven ideas, shown below, are almost practical. Who can't imagine autonomously driven cafés or pop-up stores? In fact, they already exist in California—in the form of self-driving cars that have groceries stocked in their back seats. Read more at technologyreview.com 

    State: Most Opt For Standard License, Not 'Real ID' (Massachusetts)

    More than four months after the state started issuing driver's licenses that comply with the federal Real ID security law, the standard license continues to be the most popular service option for customers at Registry of Motor Vehicles locations, according to data presented Monday. For customers who get their licenses at AAA locations instead of RMV branches, however, the Real ID is the most popular option, Registrar Erin Deveney told the Department of Transportation Board of Directors. Read the full article at salemnews.com 

    Where All Those Extra Vehicle Fees in California Actually Go

    Californians pay a number of different taxes and fees in order to operate their vehicles, but only a percentage of certain fees have been designated for roads and infrastructure. Even if the gas tax is excluded, there are still a number of fees associated with owning and operating a vehicle.These range from vehicle emission fees to vehicle registration fees. However, not all of these fees, despite being based on the vehicle, go toward roads. Cumulatively, Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) fees actually total about $8.2 billion per year. The bulk of that money gets split up among different agencies and governments. Read more at abc10.com 19

    Aging Drivers Can Be Reported To DMV If It's Unsafe For Them To Be On The Road (California

    Just because drivers are getting older doesn't mean they are unsafe, but the California Department of Motor Vehicles wants the public to know about services available to help make roads safer. "The goal of the DMV is to keep experienced senior drivers as mobile as possible for as long as possible, extending their safe-driving years," DMV spokesperson Jaime Garza said. The DMV has a list of warning signs to look out for when assessing if an elderly adult should stop driving. If one or more of these signs are recognized, it may be time to have a conversation with the older adult about his or her driving. Read more at bakersfieldnow.com 

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