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    Have You Seen These Tags? Delaware Drivers Give Back Story to Vanity License Plates

    As Andrea Rogers pulls up to red lights she has a habit of peeking back at the driver behind her. She often finds them hunched over their wheel, pushing their phone as close to the windshield as possible to snap a picture of her "LEDZPLN" vanity license plate. Although the first state is better known for its obsession with low-digit black-and-white tags, the custom navy and gold variety are every bit as popular. The personalized tags can provide a laugh to passing drivers, while serving as a conversation starter for their owners. Read more at delawareonline.com.

    She Ran Over and Killed 2 Children. Should She Have Had a Car? (New York)

    A driver in Brooklyn with eight violations for speeding or running a red light killed a 5-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy. An 85-year-old woman was killed by another Brooklyn driver with 10 speeding violations and two red-light violations. In Manhattan, a driver with two speeding tickets crushed a bicycle courier. New York City is struggling to tame its streets. After years of decline, traffic deaths unexpectedly spiked last year. Read more at nytimes.com.

    Cuomo Agrees to Give Feds Limited Access to New York DMV Records, but Will Still Try to Prevent Immigration Enforcement

    New York governor Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday that he has partially revised the state's decision to block the federal government from accessing its motor vehicle records, after the Trump administration responded by announcing that New Yorkers would be barred from federal fast-travel programs. Cuomo, in an interview with a Long Island radio station, said that he had spoken with the Department of Homeland Security after acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf's announcement that New York's new law granting illegal immigrants driver's licenses and blocking the federal government from accessing DMV records would prevent New Yorkers from applying for Global Entry programs, which ensure expedited cross-border travel. Read more at nationalreview.com.

    More Than 80 Specialty License Plates Revoked Under New Rules (Montana)

    A list from the state Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) includes 85 plates from nonprofits and other organizations that are no longer available to drivers. Several animal shelters in Western Montana were among the list of non-profits. The Humane Society of Western Montana, AniMeals, The Stafford Animal Shelter, and the Bitter Root Humane Association all lost their licence plates, and in turn, major funding...The legislature approved the new rules in 2019 and starting this year any specialty plate with less than 400 plates out on the road will be discontinued. Read more at abcfoxmontana.com.

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