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  • Regional News - February 9, 2018

    Self-Driving Cars Use Crazy Amounts of Power, and It's Becoming a Problem 

    Today's self-drivers don't need extra engines, but they still use terrific amounts of power to run their onboard sensors and do all the calculations needed to analyze the world and make driving decisions. And it's becoming a problem. Read the article at wired.com. 

    Alabama Sued in Transgender Driver's License Case

    Three transgender individuals filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Alabama saying the state won't allow them to change the gender listing of their driver's licenses without proof that they've undergone surgery.  The American Civil Liberties Union, which is representing the plaintiffs, said the requirement to show proof of sex-altering surgery is an unconstitutional violation of privacy, free speech and a person's ability to make their own medical decisions. Read the article at usnews.com. 

    South Carolina Dropped Eye Exams From Driver's License Tests. Now, Some Lawmakers Regret It

    The S.C. Legislature last year abolished the eye exam you once needed to renew your driver's license, but now some lawmakers aren't sure that was a good idea. Read the article at thestate.com. 

    Why Does 'Race' Appear On Your North Carolina Driver's License? And Why Is It Blank? 

    On your North Carolina driver's license, on the same line with your height and your hair color, you'll find the word "race."  Chances are the space next to it is blank. So why is it there?  It goes back to a decision by the N.C. General Assembly nearly 25 years ago to accommodate the state's Native American residents. Read the article at newsobserver.com.

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