• State-to-State (S2S) Working Group

  • The State-to-State (S2S) Working Group is a group of states formed by the S2S Governance Committee (S2SGC) to provide guidance and recommendations to the S2SGC on improvements, enhancements and changes related to the S2S Verification Service application and its use. The Working Group will address known limitations, prioritize enhancement needs, and identify opportunities for improving the application and associated operational procedures and best practices.  

    Chair & Region 3 Representative
    Melissa Lechner (2023)
    Director of Driver Compliance
    Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

    Vice Chair & Region 4 Representative
    Esmah Vansot (202)
    Drivers Production Support Test Supervisor
    Washington State Department of Licensing     

    Region 1 Representative
    Steven Dietrich (2022)
    Programmer-Analyst, Software Development
    Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
    Region 1 Representative
    Tammi Popp (2023)
    Business Application Services, Division Chief
    Pennsylvania Driver and Vehicle Services 
    Region 1 Representative
    Robert Keller (2024)
    Assistant Bureau Chief
    New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles

    Region 2 Representative
    Kristie Lee Bevins (2022)
    Programmer/Business Analyst
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

    Region 2 Representative
    Cyndi Kalpac (2024)
    CDL-SPEXS Assistant Supervisor
    Arkansas Office of Driver Services
    Region 2 Representative
    Whitney D. Morton (2024)
    Assistant Help Desk Manager
    Georgia Department of Driver Services

    Region 3 Representative
    Kate Matheson (2024)
    Research/Data Analyst
    Missouri Department of Revenue
    Region 3 Representative
    Cara Schamun (2022)
    Citations & Withdrawals Representative
    Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles
    Region 4 Representative
    Patrick McJannet (2024)
    Montana CDL Program Manager
    Montana Motor Vehicle Division

    Region 4 Representative
    Debbie Jones (2022)
    Driver Services Supervisor
    Wyoming Department of Transportation

    Project Manager
    Julie Bliss
    Senior Project Manager

    AAMVA Staff Member
    Anne S. Ferro
    President and CEO 

    AAMVA Staff Member
    Pamela Dsa
    Senior Director, Project Management

    AAMVA Staff Member
    Loffie Jordan
    Business Solutions Architect
    AAMVA Staff Member
    Phillippe Guiot
    Chief Information Officer, Technology Division

    AAMVA Staff Member
    Apti Morada
    Lead Business Analyst

    AAMVA Staff Member
    Srividhya Prakash
    Lead Business Analyst, Driver Systems

    AAMVA Staff Member
    Cindy Lynn Taber-Lowry
    S2S Governance Committee Coordinator
    Driver Systems

    AAMVA Staff Member
    Neila Wagner
    Senior Business Analyst, Driver Systems

    For more information about State-to-State (S2S) Working Group, please contact Cindy Taber-Lowry.

    The S2S Working Group is comprised of jurisdictional representatives. Each representative is tasked with communicating information discussed by the S2S Working Group.