• AAMVA's Strategic Framework

  • Over the course of a year, the AAMVA Board of Directors, in partnership with AAMVA professional staff, developed a new Strategic Framework to guide the Association. Building on the success of the 2012–2015 Strategic Plan, the Strategic Framework outlines four strategic priorities that will empower the Association to provide its members and stakeholders the solutions and tools needed to accomplish their missions. 

    The AAMVA 2016–2018 Strategic Framework was approved by the Board of Directors on January 8, 2015.

    Our Mission and Vision   

    2016-2018 Mission and Vision

    Our Strategic Priorities

    The Strategic Framework outlines four strategic priorities that provide guidance to the Association as it strives to achieve its mission (to provide its members and stakeholders the solutions and tools needed to accomplish their missions). The primary priority, Member-Driven Solutions, is reinforced by the other three priorities. With a Culture of Excellence, the necessary Technology, and a watchful eye on it's own Fiscal Integrity, AAMVA is positioned to increase the value it delivers to its members and support their evolving business needs. AAMVA's ultimate goal is to save lives by helping its members put safer drivers and vehicles on the road.

    Strategic Priorities 

    To learn more about the goals in each strategic priority, click on the tabs below.

  • Member-Driven Solutions (STRATEGIC PRIORITY 1.0) 

    Innovative, high value, timely solutions that support members’ evolving business needs.

    • Goal 1.1 | Identify member needs/opportunities and develop solutions
    • Goal 1.2 | Increase and maximize member engagement
    • Goal 1.3 | Increase value for associate members
    • Goal 1.4 | Optimize subject matter expertise

    Culture of Excellence (STRATEGIC PRIORITY 2.0)

    Staff that are engaged, motivated, and supported by effective organization structures

    • Goal 2.1 | Strengthen governance
    • Goal 2.2 | Strengthen managerial leadership
    • Goal 2.3 | Strengthen staff
    • Goal 2.4 | Enhance and increase awareness of AAMVA and its brand in the stakeholder community

    Technology (STRATEGIC PRIORITY 3.0)

    Secure and reliable technology systems/solutions

    • Goal 3.1 | Ensure system security, reliability and compliance
    • Goal 3.2 | Explore/incorporate new and rising technology/methodologies in AAMVA products and services
    • Goal 3.3 | Explore and advise members on emerging technologies/best practices that benefit members
    • Goal 3.4 | Effectively manage portfolio of IT solutions

    Fiscal Integrity (STRATEGIC PRIORITY 4.0)

    Financial sustainability, transparency and compliance

    • Goal 4.1 | Maximize mission-specific surplus revenue from non-jurisdictional revenue sources
    • Goal 4.2 | Ensure efficient spending through effective cost controls and transparency
    • Goal 4.3 | Use consistent criteria for program evaluation
    • Goal 4.4 | Ensure highest standard of ethics and integrity in our fiscal management

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