• Suspended Driver Alternative Reinstatement Working Group

  • Suspended Driver Alternative Reinstatement Working Group Releases Best Practices Document

    In 2013, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) published “Reducing Suspended Drivers Best Practices.” Since that publication, several jurisdictions have made driving privilege suspension policy changes. Some have been in effect long enough to realize measurable positive outcomes. Notwithstanding these changes, the topic of driving privilege suspension has remained in the public eye because of increased media and legislative attention, legal action, and other events.

    As a result of these developments, in 2017, AAMVA created the Suspended Driver Alternative Reinstatement Working Group, hereinafter referred to as the Working Group, to update the 2013 document to include consideration of alternative reinstatement practices with emphasis on young drivers. This new document is titled “Reducing Suspended Drivers and Alternative Reinstatement Best Practices.”


    Reducing Suspended Drivers and Alternative Reinstatement Best Practices (November 2018)

    For more information contact Brian Ursino, AAMVA Staff - Project Leader, 703.350.5103 

    Charles Gooch (2018)
    Managing Counsel
    Missouri Department of Revenue
    General Counsel's Office 



    Diosdado Arroyo (2018)

    Legal Presence Manager
    Pennsylvania Driver and Vehicle Services

    Gabriel Boisvert (2018)
    Legislative Analyst
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

    Charlotte Boyd-Malette (2018)

    Director, Processing Services
    North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles

    Chad Campbell (2018)
    Deputy Division Director
    Arizona Motor Vehicle Division

    Marcy Coleman, Esq. (2018)

    Assistanty Administrator
    for Safety & Regulations
    Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

    Leslie Dews (2018)
    Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

    George Torres (2018)
    Manager V
    LOD - Financial Responsibility Unit
    California Department of Motor Vehicles 

    Lacey Hane (2018)
    Revenue Customer Rep Specialist
    Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles

    Christina Martin (2018)

    Washington State Patrol
    Field Operations Bureau

    Shirley Rivers (2018)
    Deputy Director
    Procedures and Compliance
    South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

    Technical Advisors

    Frederick Thieman (2018)
    The Buhl Foundation


    Konstantina Vagenas (2018)
    Director/Chief Counsel Access
    to Justice Initiatives
    National Center for State Courts

    April Rai (2018)
    Executive Director
    National Organizations for Youth Safety

    Tina Miller
    Program Development Manager
    Driver Safety Division - State Programs
    National Safety Council
    Federal Government Representatives 

    Michelle Atwell
    Highway Safety Specialist
    National Highway Traffic
    Safety Administration

    Selden Fritschner
    Senior Transportation Specialist
    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration


    AAMVA Staff - Project Manager -  Brian Ursino, Director, Law Enforcement Programs,  (703) 350-5103 

    AAMVA Staff -  Julie Knittle, Director, Member Services, Regions 3 & 4, (571) 405-1016