• Third Party Agents Working Group

  • The Working Group’s purpose is to provide guidance to jurisdictions who are using third party agents to process motor vehicle and driver license transactions. Due to the increase in processing by third party agents there is also a rise in the need for written contracts or memorandums of understanding (MOU) and audit processes for these agents.

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    For more information, please contact Casey Garber, Project Manager 


    Steve Murphy
    Director, Registries Administration and Accountability
    Service Alberta

    Vice Chair

    Robert Smith
    Arizona Motor Vehicle Division

    Eric Alsvan

    Manager, Online Programs
    Pennsylvania Driver and Vehicle Services


    Jody Isaak
    Accounting/Dealer Services Manager
    North Dakota Motor Vehicle Division


    Dale Berube
    Internal Auditor
    New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles


    Michael Hogan
    Director, Driver Services Division
    Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security


    Brian Carlson
    Titles & Registration
    South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles


    Doane Rohr
    Quality Assurance Program Manager
    Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles


    Michael Domke
    Wisconsin Department of Transportation

    Investigator David Thompson
    Iowa Motor Vehicle Division


    Sky Schaefer
    Deputy Administrator
    Montana Department of Justice


    Project Manager - Casey Garber, Manager, Vehicle Programs,  AAMVA