• U.S. Passport Verification Services (USPVS)

  • Background Information

    USPVS allows the Driver License Agencies’ (DLA) to verify US Passport document data against the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) backend systems, and is established to assist states in issuing more secure driver licenses and identification cards.

    When an applicant applies for a driving license, permit or ID Card, the applicant is required to present documents that prove their identity and legal (immigration) presence. The DLAs accept U.S. passports as identity documents. For a Jurisdiction to check that a U.S. passport is not fraudulent, the Jurisdiction may electronically verify via USPVS that the Passport Number and Date of Birth on the passport matches the electronic record of the passport, recorded in the U.S. government files.

    For the context of USPVS, the verification is done using the Custom and Border Patrol Protection System (CBP Pass).. The CBP Pass database holds a copy of the Department of State’s passport records. 

    Getting Started

    AAMVA facilitates an onboarding process for participating jurisdictions. This process covers procedures, activities and requirements necessary to satisfy the jurisdiction’s USPVS implementation and utilization. 

    AAMVA provides the integration and testing support needed to transition a jurisdiction from integration to production and verify production status. The USPVS interface software and documentation are available from AAMVA. The USPVS application documentation can be downloaded from the Documentation tab. A jurisdiction will receive instructions on how to download the web service or UNI upgrade by sending a request to AAMVA Support.  

    Please reach out to an AAMVA representative for further information regarding the USPVS application and implementation.


    For information on USPVS, please contact AAMVA Support.

    The following documentation supports the current U.S. Passport Verification Service (USPVS) application:

    Jurisdiction Procedures Manual  

    This document describes procedures for Jurisdictions using the U.S. Passport Verification Service (USPVS). It contains background information about the laws mandating USPVS and provides guidance on administrative driver licensing procedures that involve USPVS, including issuing, renewing, transferring driver licenses. It does not address driver's license program requirements outside the scope of the information system. 

    The primary audience for this document is Jurisdiction personnel involved in the driver licensing program, primarily the administrative personnel involved in driver licensing and personnel supporting the USPVS transactions.  

    Download the USPVS Jurisdiction Procedures Manual

    Jurisdiction Functional Specification (Web Services)  

    The purpose of this document is to provide application developers with the requirements needed to implement applications to exchange information via the USPVS system over the AAMVAnet or Internet using standardized WSDL/schema (via the web services access method). 

    Download the USPVS Web Services Jurisdiction Functional Specification

    Jurisdiction Functional Specification (AMIE) 

    The purpose of this document is to provide application developers with the requirements needed to implement applications to exchange information via the USPVS system using AMIE over AAMVAnet. 

    Download the USPVS AMIE Jurisdiction Functional Specification

    Web-Based Menu (WBM) User Guide

    This document, the User Guide (version 1.0) for the Web-Based Menu (Release 1.0), provides information for users of the system. It includes screen shots and guidance on use of responses from the Social Security On-Line Verification (SSOLV) and the U.S. Passport Verification Service (USPVS) maintained by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) when determining the citizenship of an applicant for an identity card or driver's license.

    Download the Web-Based User Menu Guide

    No-Match Handling

    This document provides a guide for handling No-Match responses.

    Download the Guide For USPVS No-Match Responses

    Participants for USPVS


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    All rates are effective through September 30th and are subject to change thereafter with 30-days prior written notice.

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