• Unconventional Vehicles Working Group

  • Purpose

    The working group is tasked with reviewing the problems associated with the variety of unconventional vehicles that motor vehicle administrators and law enforcement officers continue to encounter. The purpose of the review is to identify and develop strategies/policies/best practices to assist member jurisdictions in dealing with these types of vehicles in a uniform and consistent manner. Phase one of the review focused on pocket bikes and scooters. Phase two of the review is focusing on other types of unconventional vehicles, including mini-trucks, homemade vehicles, and converted trucks.

    Guiding Principles

    Members of the Working Group need to:

    1. Represent the interests of their committee to the best of their ability and draw upon expertise within their committee or others whenever possible.
    2. Represent not only the interests of their jurisdiction, but the other jurisdictions in their region and base decisions on the good of all AAMVA jurisdictions.
    3. Be active participants during meetings and conference calls.

    For more information, contact Catherine Curtis.

    AAMVA Working Group Releases Best Practice Guide for Titling and Registration of Unconventional Vehicles

    AAMVA Unconventional Vehicles Working Group (UVWG) is pleased to announce the release of a best practices guide for registering and titling unconventional vehicles. The best practices guide was developed using the UVWG studies of two categories of unconventional vehicles. The first category consists of rebuilt vehicles and the second category includes vehicles that have been specially constructed. The working group also surveyed jurisdictions to gain an understanding of the statutes, rules and policies that are currently in place as well as looking at national laws in the United States and Canada.

    Titling and Registration of New Motorcycles

    The working group has developed, and the AAMVA Board of Directors has approved, a Best Practice document related to titling and licensing motorcycles.

    Titling and Registration of Mini-Trucks

    The working group has finalized a Best Practice related to mini-trucks. A draft of the best practice was provided to AAMVA members in April 2010 for review and comment and was also discussed at each of the 2010 AAMVA regional conferences and during an AAMVA Webinar in June 2010. A final draft was presented to the AAMVA Board of Directors for final approval in January 2011 where it was approved for distribution.

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