• Vehicle Standing Committee

  • 2021-VehicleStanding-450Mission

    The Vehicle Standing Committee will identify, develop, and champion vehicle safety and consumer protection initiatives, and promote reasonable and uniform best practices and laws throughout member jurisdictions.


    • Promote synergy among all disciplines
    • Enhance vehicle safety
    • Enhance customer service and improve efficiencies through the use of best practices and emerging technologies
    • Reduce fraud
    • Improve communication
    • Recommend, develop, and promote training
    • Promote uniformity 

    For more information, contact Casey Garber.



    Vehicle Committee Roster

     (Updated September 2020) 

    Chair (and Region 1 Representative)
    Scott Shenk (2021)
    Division Chief for Vehicle Registration
    Pennsylvania Driver and Vehicle Services

    Vice Chair (and Region 1 Representative)
    Nikki Bachelder (2021) 
    Registration Section Supervisor
    Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles

    Board Advisor
    Kristina Boardman (2021) 
    Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles

    Board Advisor
    Boyd Dickerson-Walden (2021) 
    Chief Information Officer
    Florida Dept. of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles

    Vehicle Representative Region 2
    Brent Bennett (2022) 
    Georgia Department of Revenue 

    Vehicle Representative Region 2
    Paula J.  Shaw (2022)
    Assistant Commissioner of Driver Services
    Tennessee Dept. of Safety & Homeland Security

    Vehicle Representative Region 3
    Michael Domke (2022) 
    Section Chief
    Wisconsin Department of Transportation 

    Vehicle Representative Region 3
    Rosa Yaeger (2021) 
    Director, Motor Vehicle Division
    South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles 

    Vehicle Representative Region 4
    Kevin Kihn (2022) 
    Acting Director
    Colorado Department of Revenue
    Division of Motor Vehicles 

    Vehicle Representative Region 4
    Bernard Soriano (2021) 
    Deputy Director of Registration Operations
    California Department of Motor Vehicles

    Driver Representative
    Kecia Bivins (2022) 
    Division Director, Field Operations Division
    Georgia Department of Driver Services

    Fraud Representative
    Larry Purdy (2022) 
    Chief of Investigations
    Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services 

    ID Management Representative
    Amy Marie Anthony (2021) 
    Deputy Director
    Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles

    Information Technology Representative
    Rena E.  Henry (2021) 
    IT Project Program Manager
    North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles 

    Law Enforcement Representative
    Peter W.  Wan (2021) 
    District Supervisor
    North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles
    License & Theft Bureau

    Legal Services Representative
    Brandy A.  Duncan (2022) 
    Assistant General Counsel
    South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles
    PO Box 1498 

    Motor Carrier Representative
    Michael Turner (2022) 
    Special Services Bureau Commander 
    Missouri State Highway Patrol

    PACE Representative
    Lauren Phillips (2021) 
    Deputy Director, Legislative Affairs
    South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles 

    For more information about the Vehicle Standing Committee, please contact Casey Garber

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