• Verification Systems Working Group

  • The Verification Systems Working Group, made up of U.S. motor vehicle authorities, will provide guidance and recommendations on improvements, enhancements and changes related to the AAMVA verification systems portfolio.  The working group will address known limitations and identify opportunities to support future growth and improvements.  Ultimately, the goal of the Verification Systems Working Group is to improve and assist with the governance and ongoing refinement of the systems themselves.  Working Group objectives will include, but will not be limited to:

    • Perform periodic reviews and assessments of verification systems to ensure adequacy between systems’ functionality/performance and user needs;
    • Develop a list of priority issues to be addressed with each system;
    • Develop recommendations for addressing priority issues;
    • Review proposed systems enhancement and provide user feedback to respective Federal agencies;
    • Monitor implementation of enhancements/recommendations;
    • Recommend strategies to increase the number of jurisdictions using the systems. 

    For more information, please contact Geoff Slagle.


    Marcia Brooks 

    Assistant Manager
    Business Standards Unit
    Georgia Department of
    Driver Services

    Darlene Colombo 
    DOT Executive Assistant
    Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

    Clara Mae Fleming-Foster 
    Program Manager
    Identification Review
    Virginia Department of
    Motor Vehicles

    Natasha Glenn 
    Business Systems Analyst
    Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

    Rick Khanna 
    Business Consultant
    Massachusetts Department of


    Jennifer Pease 
    Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    Naveen Prathikantam 
    IT Manager
    Connecticut Department of
    Motor Vehicles

    April Sanborn
    Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

    Jane Schrank 
    South Dakota Department of
    Public Safety


    For more information about the Verification Systems Working Group, please contact Nalini Rangaraju, Project Manager, 703.908.5784, Geoff Slagle 703.342.7459, or Philippe Guiot 703.908.8289

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