Contact Center Working Group

The AAMVA Contact Center Working Group is comprised of jurisdiction representatives with vehicle, driver license, IT, and/or contact center management experience. The purpose of the group is to collaborate with AAMVA jurisdictions and other stakeholders to gather, organize, and share information with the AAMVA community related to the effective and efficient management of public agency contact centers. Specifically, the group will:

  • Research and gain an understanding of the best practices surrounding an optimally run contact center. The working group shall establish a single point for collected information and share it with the AAMVA community.
  • Provide the draft best practices for review and comment
  • Review all comments and suggestions and release the final best practices document to AAMVA jurisdictional members

For a list of members who are currently serving on the Contact Center Working Group, please visit the members-only directory.

For more information about the Contact Center Working Group and its activities, please contact the project managers below. 

Staff Project Manager

Patrice Aasmo

Regional Director for Regions 1 & 2

Staff Project Manager

Julie Knittle

Regional Director for Region 3 & 4