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  • Best Practices & Model Legislation

  • Through AAMVA's Committees and Working Groups, AAMVA works with member jurisdictions to develop Best Practice documents and model legislation. These documents are designed for Chief Driver License Administrators and Law Enforcement personnel and staff.

    A "Best Practices Document" establishes the ideal approach for establishing and maintaining programs. The guidelines provided in this document are recommended and provide a jurisdiction with details on optimal model programs. A "Best Practice" is not mandated nor monitored for compliance. 

  • August 2021

    Foreign Driver License Reciprocity Best Practices


    The Foreign Driver License Reciprocity Best Practices was developed as a resource document to assist AAMVA member jurisdictions in making informed decisions when negotiating driver license reciprocity memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with foreign jurisdictions. These examples provide a foundation on which jurisdictions can build when drafting driver’s license reciprocity agreements with foreign jurisdictions. The 2021 Foreign Driver License Reciprocity Best Practices also contains survey results (Appendix A), including specific questions and responses, detailed in multiple tables to provide information on the various jurisdictional practices and requirements within the U.S. and Canada. These results are available for download as a zip file, here.

    Download the Foreign Driver License Reciprocity Best Practices Document 

    Download Appendix A: Foreign DL Survey Data (zip file)

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