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  • Best Practices & Model Legislation

  • Through AAMVA's Committees and Working Groups, AAMVA works with member jurisdictions to develop Best Practice documents and model legislation. These documents are designed for Chief Driver License Administrators and Law Enforcement personnel and staff.

    A "Best Practices Document" establishes the ideal approach for establishing and maintaining programs. The guidelines provided in this document are recommended and provide a jurisdiction with details on optimal model programs. A "Best Practice" is not mandated nor monitored for compliance. 

  • June 2021

    Regulation of Off-Road Vehicles Best Practices

    Regulation of Off-Road Vehicles Best Practices - cover

    Jurisdictions are often faced with requests to register or title vehicles that are not manufactured for use on public roadways. These off-road vehicles may lack many safety features that are required on motor vehicles complying with federal safety standards. With this in mind and pursuant to AAMVA's Off-Road Vehicles Policy statement, AAMVA recommends that motor vehicle administrators should use available statutory authority, or encourage adoption of such authority, to prohibit the registration for, and on-road use of, off-road vehicles. These recommendations are provided to assist jurisdictions in responding to requests to register or title off-road vehicles. 

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