Commercial Driver License (CDL) Driver History Working Group

The Commercial Driver License (CDL) Driver History Record Working Group, which is grant funded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), is a diverse group of subject matter experts and jurisdiction members working together to consider obstacles to timely and accurate reporting of CDL related violations, including access to CDL histories by agencies who perform enforcement and sanctions. The group will promulgate a written set of best practices intended to support complete and accessible driver histories with the aim of adhering to relevant federal motor carrier safety regulations and taking appropriate licensing actions when unsafe commercial drivers are identified.

For a list of members who are currently serving on the CDL Driver History Working Group, please visit the members-only directory.

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For more information about the CDL Driver History Working Group and its activities, please contact the staff project manager below.

Staff Project Manager

Kristen Shea

Senior Program Analyst