• E-Title Working Group

  • The E-Title Working Group will assess the impact of the final rule promulgated by NHTSA permitting states to adopt methodologies to allow electronic odometer disclosure statements in conjunction with electronic titling processes associated with the transfer of interests in motor vehicles. The group will review the final rule and explore, with the intent to develop, standards and guidance that should be established to create an environment that promotes interoperability between jurisdictions and interstate title transfers.  

    This group will also develop a concept and guidance document to first clearly define an E-title, and then determine what standards may need to be in place to address the data elements and other information necessary to transfer information between jurisdictions, and ensure reciprocity for accepting identity authentication. In addition, the group will analyze any system infrastructure the electronic record information maintained by each jurisdiction would require when a title transaction is crossing borders. The intent of this working group will not be to instruct states on how they implement an E-title (paperless/digital transaction) program.    

    This project also supports the development of guidance to assist member jurisdictions in evaluating the benefits and challenges related to a paperless E-title program.  

    For more information, contact Paul Steier.

    Justin Brinton
    Asst. IT Director - Motor Vehicle Applications
    Utah State Tax Commission
    Julie Larsen
    Business Architect
    Florida Dept. Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles 
    Karla Charay
    Public Service Administrator
    Kansas Department of Revenue 
    Madison Charles Lumpkin
    Deputy Administrator, Central Operations
    Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration 
    Christopher M. Charles
    Director of Title
    Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles 
    Prerna Mukhija
    Administrative Analyst 4 
    New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
    Gretchen A. Daley
    Commercial Coordinator
    Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles 
    Rohan Ralliarm
    Training Specialist III
    Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles 
    Irenata S. Duncan 
    Georgia Department of Revenue
    Clint Thompson
    Chief of Title Services
    Texas Department of Motor Vehicles 

    Lance Everett
    Chief Data Officer
    California Department of Motor Vehicles

    Ralene Whitmer
    Title and Registration Specialist
    Arizona Department of Transportation 
    Keith Jeffers
    Law Enforcement Program Manager
    Tennessee Department of Revenue 

    eID Working Group Liaison 

    Negash Assefa
    Director, Information Technology
    Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration 

    AAMVA Staff Project Manager 

    Paul Steier
    Director, Vehicle Programs