• eID Working Group

  • Purpose and Authority

    A working group of motor vehicle authorities from around North America has been formed to review and leverage existing identity credential standards and recommend standards for the AAMVA membership relating to the emergence and rising popularity of electronic identity. The focus of the working group is to define, describe, and deploy (and/or enable deployment of) solutions and standards that yield a high level of identity assurance for online transactions in intra- and inter-state/province scenarios.

    For more information about this working group, contact Geoff Slagle, (703) 342-7459.

    eID White Paper Released

    AAMVA's eID (Electronic Identity) Working Group is pleased to announce the release of a new white paper. The document presents the ins and outs of eID and what it means for the AAMVA Community. You can also take a look at this video featuring members of the working group discussing the topic.

    Download the White Paper  


    Corey Lorenz 
    Information Technology Specialist 
    Iowa Department of Transportation 



    Elizabeth G Humphreys
    Occupational Licensing Branch Chief
    California Department of Motor Vehicle 

    Nick Danforth 
    Chief IT Architect 
    Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles 
    David Rotigel
    Director - Information & Fiscal Services
    Pennsylvania Department of Transportation  

    Captain Robert S. Sawyer   
    License and Theft Bureau
    North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles  

    Negash Assefa

    Director - IT
    Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration

    Robert Porreca
    Director - Performance Management
    New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
    Paige Paxton
    Field Administrator
    Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles 
    Arjan J. Geluk
    Principal Consultant
    UL Transaction Security Division Advisory Services 

    AAMVA Staff  

    Project Manager
    Geoffrey Slagle 
    Director, Identity Management 
    Philippe Guiot 
    CIO, Technology Division 
    Loffie Jordaan 
    Business Solutions Architect 
    Mindy Stephens
    Manager, Identity Management
    For more information about the eID Working Group, please contact Geoff Slagle, Project Manager, 703.342.7459
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