2019 Region 1 Conference Presentations

Cambridge, MD
May 14-16, 2019

For all AAMVA members

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2019 Region 1 Conference

file - 05/14/2020

2019 R1 Conference: Workplace Impairment: Where to Begin?

This presentation addresses how jurisdictions can support workplace health and safety and enforce a drug-free workplace policy and program.  

file - 05/16/2019

2019 R1 Conference: Customer Management, Security, and Office Design

Learn how to design your office for minimum wait times and premium customer satisfaction, without sacrificing safety and security.

file - 05/15/2019

2019 R1 Conference: Interacting with the Aging Driver and Those Medically-at-Risk

Learn from jurisdictions, industry partners, and the University of Maryland on how the aging driver and medically-at-risk drivers respond to accidents, rehabilitation, and training, including the relationships between stake holders and possible preventative measures.

file - 05/15/2019

2019 R1 Conference: Employee Recruitment and Retention: Adapting Best Practices for Your Needs

This presentation covers best practices for recruiting and retaining talented, engaged, and loyal employees within a multigenerational workplace.

file - 05/15/2019

2019 R1 Conference: Salvage, Junk, and Auto Theft Trends

This presentation will provide information on AAMVA’s Salvage and Junk Vehicle Best Practice document and the latest auto theft trends that jurisdictions are experiencing. 

file - 05/15/2019

2019 R1 Conference: Contact Center Evolution

Learn about new applications and strategies to communicating with customers and how to apply these in your workplace.

file - 05/14/2019

2019 R1 Conference: Buying and Selling Vehicles Online

This presentation covers the information in the AAMVA Best Practice for the Regulation of Internet Vehicle Sales. You will also learn about some of the internet vehicle sales business models for the buying and selling of vehicles.

file - 05/14/2019

2019 R1 Conference: Industry Emerging Trends and Technology

This presentation offers ideas from industry, what they are anticipating in future years, and what trends they are seeing that may impact DMVs, their strategies to stay ahead of the needs, and their ideas for servicing the DMVs of the future.