2022 Region 2 Conference Presentations

Mobile, AL
May 3-5, 2022

For all AAMVA members

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2022 Region 2 Conference

file - 05/05/2022

Mobile Driver’s Licenses

Developments from LA, FL, and GA with mobile driver’s licenses and state implementations including publication of standards and guidelines

file - 05/05/2022

Modern Vehicle Sales

Dealer sales, online vehicle sales, temp tags, and how jurisdictions are tackling processing of sales

file - 05/05/2022

Convictions, Withdrawals, and Reinstatements

Driver licensing process and systems, including State-to-State Verification Service (S2S) developments, the inclusion of driver history record implementation, compacts, and more

file - 05/05/2022

Contact Centers

Sneak peek at the topics a contact center best practices guide will focus on including staffing, model structure, and data analytics; industry insight into what the world of contact centers is working toward with technology, tools, and trends

file - 05/05/2022

Workplace Safety: Ensuring Staff and Customer Welfare

Keynote speaker presents behaviorisms post-pandemic and the precautions to be taken for public-service/front-line working in 2022; the need for threat assessment management and the potential consequences when possible threats are ignored

file - 05/05/2022

License Plates

How jurisdictions are handling supply chain challenges such as aluminum shortages

file - 05/04/2022

Remote Working

Industry solutions that may assist in a long-term shift to a remote workforce; how one jurisdiction transitioned to a permanent remote contact center; how another jurisdiction now successfully assists the public with its virtual branches

file - 05/04/2022

Service Delivery: Virtual Intake, Appointments, and Backlogs

Unique opportunities to adopt new service delivery methods using technology such as virtual intake, pivoting from closures to appointments, developing a hybrid model for customer service

file - 05/04/2022

Driver Skills and Knowledge Testing

Jurisdictions share changes to CDL testing; learn from VA's modified skills test pilot, GA's virtual non-commercial skills test, NC's virtual school bus driver training

file - 05/03/2022

E-title, E-lien and E-odometer

Highlights the latest issues, trends, and advancements in transfers of ownership and lien management

file - 05/03/2022

Jurisdiction Highlights and Innovation

Ideas, accomplishments, priorities, and future projects from innovative jurisdictions

file - 05/03/2022

Meeting Staffing Needs

Challenges and ideas on recruitment, retention, incentives, and alternative work schedules; meet service demands while facing staff shortages

file - 05/03/2022

The New Fraud Frontier

Fraud trends and techniques that impact your jurisdiction today and in the future