2022 Region 4 Conference Presentations

Provo, UT
June 21-23, 2022

For all AAMVA members

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2022 Region 4 Conference

file - 06/23/2022

ADAS and ADS-Equipped Vehicles

Presentation on recommendations and lessons learned after there is an incident with an ADAS or ADS-equipped vehicle

file - 06/23/2022

Authentic Engagement: Fighting Fake News Online

Presentation on how to use social media to build confidence with customers, market information, and maintain engagement

file - 06/23/2022

It Takes a Village to Beat E-Commerce Fraud

Presentation on how to deal with fake dealer websites

file - 06/23/2022

Driver Skills and Knowledge Testing

Presentation on skills and knowledge testing programs, new technological solutions, online pre-tests, and lessons learned

file - 06/23/2022

Hot Cars in Disguise

Presentation on cloned vehicles and VIN switching schemes

file - 06/23/2022

Representation Matters: Addressing the Need for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Presentation on how to create an inclusive workplace culture and connecting with marginalized communities

file - 06/23/2022

Are Your License Plates LPR Readable?

Presentation on digital plates, AAMVA's License Plate Reader Program Best Practices and License Plate Standard, and the License Plate Verification Program

file - 06/23/2022

Convictions, Withdrawals, and Reinstatements, Oh My!

Presentation on driver license compacts and AAMVA's State-to-State Verification Sservice to manage driver history records

file - 06/22/2022

Contact Centers as a Service

Presentation on contact centers and the efforts of AAMVA's Contact Center Working Group

file - 06/22/2022

E-Titles, E-Liens, E-Odometers, and More

Presentation on the trends of electronic titles, liens, and odometers

file - 06/22/2022

Street Racing and Take-Overs

Presentation on the challenges, impacts, and strategies as street racing and take over incidents continue to rise

file - 06/22/2022

Investigative Tools

Presentation on tools and resources to combat fraud, including AAMVA's Deterrence and Detection of Fraud Best Practices, Edition 2

file - 06/21/2022

Law Enforcement Town Hall

Presentation about AAMVA's law enforcement program, its objectives, projects, and initiatives

file - 06/21/2022

Leveraging Modern Services to Improve Customer Access

Presentation on various tools and approaches to virtual customer counters, expanding online services, and the future of customer service delivery

file - 06/21/2022

Mobile Driver's License

Presentation on the latest with mDLs including state implementations, standards and guidelines, and various law enforcement use cases

file - 06/21/2022

Junk, Destroyed, and Temporary

Presentation on challenges with junk and destroyed vehicles and the problem with temporary tags