2023 Annual International Conference Presentations

Madison, WI
September 26-28, 2023

For all AAMVA members

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2023 Annual International Conference

file - 09/28/2023

Nlets: An Administrator Discussion on Uniform Attributes

Presentation for chief administrators on their effort to define user attributes for those who request and use DMV data

file - 09/28/2023

A New Frontier for Regulating Motor Vehicle Dealers

Presentation on methods to improve the management and regulation of vehicle dealers

file - 09/28/2023

Fighting High Quality Counterfeit Credentials

Presentation about the scope of counterfeits and how the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement HSI Forensic Laboratory can help jurisdictions design their credentials that are more difficult for counterfeiters to replicate

file - 09/28/2023

Research for Interoperable Electronic Vehicle Titling and Electronic Vehicle Record Management

Presentation on research underway to develop a vision and strategy for interoperable electronic vehicle titling and electronic vehicle record management

file - 09/28/2023

International Driver Licensing

Presentation on the new European Directive, driver examination and training, similarities and differences (Europe vs. US/Canada), shared challenges, and the importance of interoperability in successfully achieving reciprocity

file - 09/28/2023

Contact Center Modernization

Presentation on AAMVA’s 2023 Contact Center Pop-up Classroom, which was held in March, and information about how jurisdictions have used that newfound knowledge to begin or continue on their contact center modernization journeys

file - 09/28/2023

Expanding the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Mission in Law Enforcement Operations

Presentation from member agencies how the UAVs are now being leveraged to improve mission capabilities in areas such as search and rescue, border security, civil unrest response, and more

file - 09/27/2023

Cyber Identity Fraud

Presentation about the impact of identity fraud, the DMV's role in resolving it, technologies being used and considered to address the problem, standards used to test these technologies, and questions that a jurisdiction would want to ask when implementing solutions

file - 09/27/2023

New Developments in Novice Driver Training

Presentation about recent efforts to improve novice driver safety, including extending GDL requirements past the age of 17, providing funding to expand driver education in public schools, and novice motorcycle programs

file - 09/27/2023

The Future is Here for Automated and Connected Vehicles

Presentation of what is transpiring with automated and connected vehicles from a variety of perspectives

file - 09/27/2023

Officer Safety and Wellness

Presentation about the California Highway Patrol’s comprehensive officer safety and wellness program

file - 09/27/2023

Deliver Game Changing Customer Experiences Utilizing Data

Presentation on insight for government leaders to deliver better services, understand future trends, and develop customer centric data analytic strategies

file - 09/27/2023

Impaired Driving

Presentation on Canada’s experience with the .05 alcohol per se level, the poly-substance drug impaired driving trends from a National Resource toxicologist, and an overview of AAMVA’s updated Ignition Interlock Program Best Practices

file - 09/26/2023

State-to-State Verification Service and Driver License Compact

Presentation on the upcoming Driver License Compact and State-to-State Verification Service (S2S) governance integration and S2S's Driver History Record onboarding

file - 09/26/2023

MBUF, EV, RUC, kWh – The Alphabet Soup of Alternative Infrastructure Funding

Presentation about the programs and pilots that have been conducted and the pros and cons of various approaches used to close the infrastructure funding gap