• Facial Recognition Working Group

  • The Facial Recognition Working Group shall review the methods utilized by driver license, motor vehicle and criminal justice agencies to capture, review, and share facial images; and when appropriate, investigate potential matches and pursue prosecution when fraudulent activity is discovered.  Or when an MVA does not have an investigative arm, establish a protocol with the applicable law enforcement agency to conduct such investigations. The Working Group will develop a best practices document related to the capture and utilization of images.

    Download the full Facial Recognition Working Group Charter.

    For more information, contact Brian Ursino, 703.350.5103

    George Theobald
    Director, Program Management Office
    Georgia Department of Driver Services

    Vice Chair
    Betty Johnson
    Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles




    Catherine Brooks
    Project Manager
    Fraud Prevention and Business Integrity Office
    Ontario Ministry of Transportation

    Gord Bryant
    Coordinator, Document Verification
    & Facial Recognition
    Service Alberta
    Special Investigations Unit

    Thomas Flarity
    Director of Security and Investigations
    New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

    Sydney Roberts
    Chief Deputy Director, Department of Police
    Illinois Office of the Secretary of State

    JoAnna Shanafelt
    Investigator III/Acting Administrator
    Washington Department of Licensing

    Kenneth Shock
    Chief of Fraud Unit
    Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles

    Major Ryan Burchnell
    Chief Technology Officer
    Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles

    Major Sean Jowell
    Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
    Support Services

    Dave Coleman
    IBG, A Novetta Solutions Company

    Technical Advisors


    Walter Hamilton
    Senior Consultant
    Identification Technology Partners, Inc.

    Mike Neumann
    Solutions Manager


    Kevin O'Leary
    Senior Product Manager
    MorphoTrust USA, a Safran Group company

    Trudy Ford
    Supervisory Management and Program Specialist
    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    John Drago
    Chief Inspector
    U.S. Department of Justice

    Douglas Sprouse
    Management and Program Analyst
    Federal Bureau of Investigation


    For more information, please contact  Brian Ursino Project Manager, Director, (703) 350-5103,  Sheila Prior, (480) 275-4584,  Geoff Slagle, (703) 342-7459