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  • Jurisdictions are encouraged to submit RFP/RFIs to WebUpdates@aamva.org to raise visibility and, in turn, solicit more response to those documents. As this section is continually updated, industry members should visit frequently to see what RFPs have been added.
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    The key to finding grant money is sometimes hidden in proposal writing and nontraditional grant sources. The following is a respository of past RFPs that jurisdictions have written. We encourage members to use this repository as a tool to aid you in developing your own RFPs. 

    Visit the Archived RFPs repository.

    The key to finding grant money is sometimes hidden in proposal writing and nontraditional grant sources. This section provides resources to help with writing proposals and seeking grant sources.   

    Looking for Grant Opportunities?



    AAMVA routinely tracks federal grant opportunities that are made available to our state-based membership. Please note the following grant opportunities listed in chronological order that are currently available to our member jurisdictions. While AAMVA works to maintain a repository of grants of specific interest to its membership, an exhaustive listing of all grant opportunities may be conducted through searching the federal government’s grant portal at grants.gov.

    INFRA Grants


    The Nationally Significant Freight and Highway Projects (INFRA) program provides Federal financial assistance to highway and freight projects of national or regional significance.  This notice solicits applications for awards under the program’s fiscal year (FY) 2019 funding, subject to the availability of appropriated funds.

    The Department is focusing the competition on transportation infrastructure projects that support four key objectives, each of which is discussed in greater detail in the Notice of Funding Opportunity:

    (1) Supporting economic vitality at the national and regional level;

    (2) Leveraging Federal funding to attract non-Federal sources of infrastructure investment;

    (3) Deploying innovative technology, encouraging innovative approaches to project delivery, and incentivizing the use of innovative financing; and

    (4) Holding grant recipients accountable for their performance

    Applications due: March 4, 2019

    Automated Driving System (ADS) Demonstration Grants


    The USDOT solicits applications for an Automated Driving System (ADS)Demonstration Program to fund planning, direct research, and demonstration grants. USDOT intends to offer up to $60,000,000 total in Federal funding to fund multiple demonstration projects that test the safe integration of automated driving systems into the Nation's on-road transportation system. See Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for complete description and instructions to apply.

    Applications due: March 21, 2019 

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    Other Grant Resources 

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