Reminder: AAMVA’s Learning Management System Is Available

By: AAMVA Staff

Gain CDLIS, S2S, PDPS, NMVTIS and mDL knowledge with AAMVA’s Learning Management System (LMS), a web-based on-demand training application. This great learning experience allows members and contractors (with approval) to take on-demand training any time and on any device.

Currently, there are a total of 74 on-demand training courses available for CDLIS IT, CDLIS Reports, SPEXS WebUI, S2S IT, PDPS IT, NMVTIS IT and mDL as well as four certified learning paths for CDLIS 101 basics, CDLIS 201 intermediate, CDLIS 301 upper intermediate, and 401 advanced. Certifications are available and ready for download once learning paths have been completed. For a list of the on-demand training courses and learning paths available, please visit AAMVA’s technology systems training page.

Reminder, the best use of the LMS is to take the learning paths, and pass them, which leads to certification. On-demand courses are more suited for when you are not interested in certification, and just want to peruse the training material.

AAMVA has a pre-recorded webinar on the LMS, including how to browse through and enroll in new courses. AAMVA has a pre-recorded webinar on the learning paths as well as a PowerPoint presentation.

To access AAMVA’s new LMS, log in to, then go to MY AAMVA and select the ‘Access IT Training Portal’.

For questions, please contact us.