Policy Position on Driver License Suspension

In an effort to deal with the growing number of suspended or revoked drivers, AAMVA supports the following principles and encourages member jurisdictions to: 

Follow the recommendation in the AAMVA Reducing Suspended Drivers and Alternative Reinstatement Best Practices to repeal current and discourage passing additional state laws requiring suspension of driving privileges for non-driving reasons. By following this recommendation, motor vehicle administrations, law enforcement, and the judiciary will be able to focus on the sanctioning of individuals who may be arrested and prosecuted for driving while a license is suspended, revoked, denied, disqualified, withdrawn, or canceled for actual highway safety reasons.

Maintain current, readily available, information concerning drivers whose licenses have been suspended, revoked, denied, disqualified, withdrawn, or canceled.

Maintain an easily accessible system for checking validity of driver license status and reason for suspension, revocation, denial, disqualification, withdrawal, or cancellation by all enforcement agencies.

[Amended 2013]