Policy Position on Auxillary Axle

Auxiliary axle is a unit that can support or carry additional weight and is intended to be used in combination with a registered power unit, trailer, or other motor vehicle. This auxiliary axle is towed or attached by various means such as a coupler and hitch ball or pins and hinges. Auxiliary axle includes, but is not limited to, flip axle, jeep trailer, pin on axle, single axle tow dolly, stinger axle, and trailer booster.

AAMVA supports that an auxiliary axle as described above not be titled or registered, and not be treated as a separate vehicle whether laden or unladen. AAMVA recommends that a motor vehicle being transported by an auxiliary axle should be properly registered if any of its tires are in contact with the roadway while being transported. 

AAMVA further supports that an auxiliary axle be subject to equipment safety requirements such as lighting and safety chains.  

[Amended 2023]