Policy Position on Highway Safety Office Partnership and Collaboration

AAMVA members serve an essential role in realizing local, jurisdictional, and national roadway safety programs and goals. In continuance of AAMVA’s vision of Safe Drivers, Safe Vehicles, Secure Identities, and Saving Lives!, AAMVA encourages members to establish strong connections with their jurisdiction’s Governor’s Highway Safety Office (GHSO) or equivalent provincial highway safety office (HSO) in furtherance of jurisdictional safety goals.

GHSO development of jurisdiction-wide Strategic Highway Safety Plans (SHSP) and other long-term transportation planning documents are strengthened through stakeholder involvement prior to implementation. To maximize the opportunity for AAMVA members to be involved in the development and implementation of effective behavioral countermeasures, it is recommended they:
  • Assign a senior representative or a liaison to the HSO.
  • Sit on the executive committee tasked with developing the jurisdiction’s strategic safety resources including development of the SHSP or equivalent.
  • Participate in the Traffic Records Coordinating Council.
  • Identify ways GHSOs, MVAs, and law enforcement can work together to achieve their highway safety goals.
Providing executive leadership from the MVA and law enforcement communities in developing the jurisdiction’s SHSP demonstrates our shared commitment to reaching zero fatalities.

[Adopted 2022]