Policy Position on Single Axle Tow Dolly

AAMVA recommends that all jurisdictions adopt the following definition for single axle tow dolly: 
“Single Axle Tow Dolly is a vehicle towed by a motor vehicle and designed and used exclusively to transport another motor vehicle and upon which the front or rear wheels of the towed motor vehicle remain in contact with the ground.” 

AAMVA supports the device defined in this policy not be titled or registered, and not be treated as a separate vehicle when used in combination with another vehicle (i.e., when a tow dolly is being towed with the front or rear wheels of another vehicle mounted thereon). AAMVA recommends that the motor vehicle mounted on the single axle tow dolly be registered with a permanent or temporary plate. 

AAMVA further supports that the single axle tow dolly be subject to equipment safety requirements such as lighting and safety chains.  

[Amended 2016]