Policy Position on Vehicle Identification for Parking Violations

In order to avoid misidentification, it is imperative that parking enforcement entities (those part of a law enforcement agency and those who are not) provide accurate vehicle and registration information to jurisdictions which are required by law to suspend or prevent registrations of those delinquent in payment of penalties incurred for parking violations. When providing information to a jurisdiction as described above, AAMVA recommends that parking enforcement entities supply the vehicle registration plate number, the license plate type, the registration expiration date, and the violation date unless the jurisdiction has reached an agreement with the parking enforcement entity or other appropriate authorities on alternate combinations of information which would identify the correct vehicle.  

AAMVA further recommends that jurisdictions that enforce parking violations require enough information to accurately identify the violating vehicle at the time of the violation. At a minimum, this should include the violation being cited for license plate number and type; vehicle identification number (VIN); vehicle make, model and color; and any other information required by the jurisdiction.  

[Amended 2022]