Policy Position on VIN Replacement and Assignment Systems

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators encourages jurisdictions to adopt the following principles to promote uniform Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) replacement and assignment. AAMVA is concerned about counterfeiting and fraudulent use of VINs. 
  1. Jurisdiction issued VINs should be a minimum of 7 characters.
  2. Replacement VIN vehicle plates should be placed on the lower B pillar in the driver’s opening, nearest to the door striker. VIN replacement plates for trailers should be placed on the tongue or on a solid base of the trailer easily accessible to being inspected or reviewed.
  3. Jurisdictions should approve the VIN provider’s source and location. (The VIN provider should be approved and recognized by the jurisdiction to be the official provider or keeper of the VINs.)
  4. Jurisdiction approved enforcement personnel should be used to locate and verify the vehicle’s confidential VINs.
[Amended 2021]