DL/ID Card Verification Program Submission Form

This program is a service included as a benefit to members that are striving to achieve compliance and conformance to specific standards or best practices. The principal user of this program will have a machine-readable motor vehicle document and wishes to assess whether it conforms to the most current version of AAMVA’s DL/ID Card Standard. This covers the human-readable (visible) attributes, the physical security features, the encoded data in machine-readable technologies, and the durability of the card. The analysis is performed by a third-party laboratory that serves to identify any areas that are deficient and provides direction on how and where corrective measures should be taken. Samples created for testing should reflect the actual (or intended) issued document.

Our goal is to enable our members to communicate with one another at a level that allows for full interoperability and to know without reliance on a contracted party (vendor) that the product being assessed is what they are paying for and performs at the desired specified level.

This service is available at any time to AAMVA’s membership. For optimal results jurisdictions are encouraged to contact us while in development so any problem areas that may exist can be addressed prior to rollout or full implementation.

There are two types of testing offered as part of the CVP:

  1. Card design testing: Applicants are encouraged to provide sample credentials for all document types issued, and that include a variety of different values across data elements and fields. The versatility in the data will assist with testing to ensure the most accurate results. Please see the DL/ID Card Verification Program Sample Credential Guide for Card Design Testing document for more information. Please make sure to include a sample document inventory of credentials either with the application (as an attachment), or with the physical cards themselves. 
  2. Durability testing: Applicants must provide 40 sample credentials (in addition to any provided for the Card Design Testing) for this testing. The 40 samples provided can be any card type, with any data (unlike the guidance provided for the Card Design Testing), as the information on the credential, and in the barcode is not applicable to the durability tests. Please label, and keep these credentials separated from the cards sent in for Card Design Testing.

It is also recommended that a current copy of the document’s manufacturer specifications be included with your application. Should a jurisdiction decide not to share the specifications, jurisdictions should send the encoded data layout with the samples instead.  

The CVP information flow and control is from jurisdictions through AAMVA to the laboratory and back through the same channel. The laboratory will provide a report containing the results of the testing to the contact listed as a part of the application, and to AAMVA.