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    From PHATA55 to DFWME, Here's the List of 2019 Vanity Plate Rejects from the DMV (Connecticut)   

    Tempering vanity with sanity is a tricky job, but somebody at the Department of Motor Vehicles has to do it. The task falls to the DMV's vanity plate unit, six rank-and-file employees whose varied duties partly include the assignment of approving vehicle registrants' applications for personalized marker plates — and rejecting any combination of up to seven letters and numbers that falls into the broad category of being potentially offensive, racist or hateful. Read more at courant.com.

    Vermont Bill Would Allow Emojis on State-Issued License Plates

    A bill seeking to create a new vanity license plate featuring emojis was introduced to the state's house committee on transportation Wednesday. State Rep. Rebecca White (D-Windsor) introduced the bill, which would allow drivers to add one of six available emojis to their license plate when registering a vehicle in Vermont. The symbols would be added in addition to the plate's registration number, and would not replace any letters or numbers assigned by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles nor those selected by the vehicle's owner. Read more at mynbc5.com.

    Ask Trooper Steve: Can You Get a Florida Driver's License If Yours Is Suspended in Another State?

    News 6 traffic safety expert Trooper Steve Montiero answers viewer questions about the rules of the road every week, helping Orlando-area residents become better drivers by being better educated. This week, Louis submitted the following question: "If my license is suspended in another state, can I get a license here in Florida?" Montiero's response, to put it simply: Not a chance. Read more at clickorlando.com.

    New License Plates Raise Question (Kansas)

    A viewer had a question for Factfinder investigators about the new personalized license plates being offered by the state. In mid-January, news organizations across the state, including KWCH, received a press release revealing the new design for personalized plates in the state and we reported it. On it, wind turbines set against a orange colored sunset-like background. That caused some confusion for one of our viewers, who wrote us saying: "The new personalized design is not the one posted just a few days ago on the department's website, and I'm curious as to why the design was rather suddenly changed." Read more at kwch.com.

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