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    Unusual Highway Signs Grab Drivers' Attention (Illinois) 

    Creative signs posted by the Illinois Department of Transportation have drivers' eyes on the road, and their minds focused on safety. IDOT said the goal of the dynamic sign campaign is to 'inform travelers about weather, safety and the enormous responsibility of operating a vehicle.' A serious message that can be delivered with a bit of humor. '[I remember] the ones that are funny and have a pun to them,' driver Janeen Winters said. Read the article at newschannel20.com.


    Ohio Highway Patrol Video Shows Drunk Driving Over a 24-Hour Period

    Drunken and drugged driving happens every hour of every day across Ohio. Just take a look at a highlight reel put together by the Ohio Highway Patrol from a single 24-hour period. The patrol hopes the video will cause people to be more responsible during the holiday season, when alcohol-related fatalities tend to tick up. In Ohio last year, 30 percent of the drunk driving arrests by the patrol came between midnight and 3 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays: a total of 8,439 people. The least likely time to be arrested for drunken driving was between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. on Tuesdays or Wednesdays: 16 arrests. Read the article at daytondailynews.com.


    Terri Albertson to Head Star Project (Nevada)

    'As most of you know, over the past few months, our modernization effort has had some uncertain moments; however, we are moving forward in a very positive direction. Recently, our modernization project was ranked the number one prioritized technology project in the State. We are currently awaiting proposals from new vendors who are required to have completed similar projects in other states. We are very excited about the direction we are headed and will continue to keep you informed. With all of the good news about the STAR project, I have one more important piece I'd like you to hear directly from me: I have been offered the position of Director of Office of Project Management, to lead the STAR project. I have accepted and intend to begin this position as of December 10, 2018.' Read the letter here.


    DMV: 'No Need to Rush' to Upgrade to REAL ID in RI (Rhode Island)

    State-issued identification cards and driver's licenses will soon be changing as Rhode Island enters into a new federal system. But this doesn't mean you need to rush to update your current ID - not by any means, according to the R.I. Division of Motor Vehicles. 'No need to rush in,' DMV spokesman Paul Grimaldi said Thursday. 
    Under the REAL ID program, the biggest difference with the cards is a yellow star in the top right corner, and some extra documents that will be required to verify your identity. Read the article at wpri.com.


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