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    People Wait 4-Plus Hours at DMV After New Software Rolls Out Statewide (Colorado) 

    People waiting at a Denver Department of Motor Vehicle location said it took more than four hours to get through the line on Monday. A spokesman attributed the long wait times to workers adjusting to new software rolled out statewide. Monday was the first day most locations were open around the state with the new software. The DMV's previous software was installed in the 1980s. Read the article at kdvr.com. 

    Mississippi Residents are Waiting Hours — Even Days — to Get a Driver's License

    It has been an even longer, hotter summer than usual for the people at Mississippi's driver's license offices. First, the offices are handling more people wanting to renew licenses, to get a license for the first time after moving to the state or to get a passport or a firearms permit or just a photo ID for voting or a new job. Second, it's crunch time for the Real ID Act. Read the article at sunherald.com.

    New York Using App to Spot Fake IDs, Curb Underage Drinking 

    New York State is doing something no other state is doing, when it comes to spotting fake IDs and curbing underage drinking. DMV investigators in some parts of the state are already using an app on their phone, which can instantly check for fake IDs and crack down on crime. Read the article at wgrz.com

    Texas Drivers License Offices Struggle to Serve Customers

    Drivers License Offices in booming North Texas are struggling to keep up with growing population, even after promised improvements in the wake of NBC 5 Investigates reports 6 years ago. The Texas Department of Public Safety, which issues Driver Licenses opened larger "Mega" offices a few years ago to improve service but those offices are very busy. Read the article at nbcdfw.com.


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